Hill's mindset: 'I'm getting these yards'

Michigan's Khalid Hill brings a certain mindset in short yardage situations for the Wolverines this season.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Khalid Hill isn’t unstoppable, no player is – but Michigan’s short yardage back is the best in college football when it come to getting a much needed yard, and most importantly scoring touchdowns.

On Saturday, in No. 3 Michigan’s 59-3 blowout win against Maryland, Hill scored his ninth rushing touchdown this season. And of course, it came with U-M only needing one yard to score.

Like a freight train, Hill barreled through Maryland’s shaky defense, making it look quite easy for his effort. In a way it looks too easy for the 6-foot-2, 263-pound fullback, who has been a sure thing for the Wolverines this season, rushing for 34 yard on 21 carries, averaging 1.6 yards per carry, to go along with his noted nine rushing scores.

Hill, though, admits he’s not unstoppable, but he does bring that mindset when he hears his play called.

“My mindset is, OK, I’m getting these yards. But sometimes like I said, I got stopped at Michigan State at the goal line, (on Saturday) I did as well,” Hill said. “You always got the shots to come back and regain your confidence, so I’m always going to be confident in myself in getting that one yard.”

Yes, Hill was indeed stopped against Maryland on fourth and one early in the third quarter, but those rare stops he uses as motivation to get better moving forward.

“I’ve been stopped before,” Hill said. “I’m not going to say I’m unstoppable. But I’m trying to work to where it gets to that. I’m just trying to be perfect.”

But maybe the biggest sign of respect, Hill says, is that his teammates are expecting him to come through in goal line situations.

“In the huddle I hear guys talk to me and stuff like that, just being like “Khalid, let’s get it,’” Hill said. “Stuff like that, it’s good to hear the guys can trust in me, they trust in me to get the job done, and I appreciate the guys for that.”

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