Despite production being down from a year ago, Jehu Chesson willing to help the team out in any way he can

Despite his production on the football field being down from last season, Michigan wide receiver Jehu Chesson is willing to help the team out in any way he can.

Michigan wide receiver Jehu Chesson isn't having the same success he saw during the later half of the football season a year ago.

Bursting onto the scene with noticeable chemistry with then quarterback Jake Rudock, Chesson hasn't been able to find the same rhythm he once had that made him such a dangerous downfield threat. Despite the lack of production on the football field, Chesson says it isn't without lack of trying.

He says he's the same person he's ever been and is always willing to help the team out in any capacity necessary.

"I like to say my attitude and work ethic hasn't changed since, I guess, my sophomore year," Chesson said. "It's that relentless grind. Whatever they ask me to do and whatever they ask me to play, special, offense it doesn't matter what it is I'm going to be willing to do it. That's what the team deserves, the team deserves someone who would be willing to know the role, be the role and embrace the role and whatever it is they ask me to do, I am going to do it. Regardless of what production is, the important thing is being able to win. And obviously we can't achieve our goal of being undefeated but we still have a lot of big plans ahead of us for the team because a rising tide raises all ships. Everybody plays well, the individual plays well as well."

Whether or not his knee injury suffered in the bowl game last season has stunted his growth on the field this season remains an unknown as Chesson says that he did not suffer any setbacks during the summer. He says, if anything, he has learned a great deal about his body recovering from such a serious knee injury.

"Through [rehabbing the injury] I've learned so many things about myself and so many things about my body that I didn't know before," Chesson said. "I just thank God for the opportunity to be able to play ball again regardless how the season is going. I know that I am just so fortunate to play at this university and so fortunate to put on these pads and winged helmet and just try my best."

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