Coach Carr on Central Michigan

Here is Michigan Head Coach Lloyd Carr's 'scouting report' on CMU, from his press conference Monday. <p>&nbsp;</p>

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Coach Carr on Central Michigan:
"Central Michigan, we gave our scouting report to our players last night (Sunday), and Central Michigan has a great football tradition going back maybe beyond Roy Kramer, but certainly I can remember the job that Roy did at Central Michigan, and of course then he handed the reigns over to Herb Deromedi, and there was a period there where they had consecutive wins against a Big Ten team (MSU!) in the opening game. They've had a lot of championships up there, and Mike, I know the kind of guy he is, I know his passion to win, his love for the game, and the way he's run that program, I know what kind of effort, I know what kind of preparation his team will have coming into this game."

"Mike DeBord will have his best football team at Central Michigan and I love Mike DeBord like a brother. Also, respective as a coach, he's got a great future in the profession and I know that he's going to be bringing his best team here. I look at them, their offensive line is very, very big. Two tackles are 6-7, and he's got a good running back that runs with power and aggressiveness. He has two quarterbacks and we may see them both, but I know going into the season a year ago, he's very high on (Jeff) Perry and obviously he has a lot of regard for him because running that offense means that you're doing some checking and you have to get your team in the right spot. Defensively, I think (James) King is a great football player. Any time a guy can block four punts, and he's caused a lot of havoc in the kicking game both their field goal rush team and their punt rush team. They're teams that can make big plays. They have a new defensive coordinator so we're not exactly sure what we're going to get there, but we're looking forward to opening the season."

On what Coach Carr expects on Saturday:
"I always take my concerns to my pillow. I think there are always things we're worried about, particularly in the first game. The one thing you know in a first game you're going to make mistakes. You're not going to come out and play flawlessly, you're going to have some penalties probably that are due to the excitement of the first game and all those things. You're going to make some mistakes and you just have to be able to understand that that's part of the opening game and to be able to play over them. I like the work ethic, I like the way they've gone through training camp. I think the chemistry is very good, I like the leadership and we have a lot of guys that are coming into this game with a lot of experience. I like this team. We just have to see how we do coming out of the box."

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