Michigan, snowfall and all, felt like home to Leesburg (Ga.) Lee County linebacker Otis Reese last weekend.

Leesburg (Ga.) Lee County linebacker Otis Reese doesn’t see snow falling around his current home, but the Michigan commit saw it fall around his future one last Saturday in Ann Arbor. And the Peach State still had a blast.

Until recently Otis Reese hadn’t been on a plane.  He also had seen snow.  His second trip to Michigan last weekend entailed both.

Flying turned out to be an easier adjustment than the snowflakes, but at the end of it all, all he could was smile.

“It was fun,” Reese said after being on-hand for Ann Arbor’s first snowfall of the year.  “Everybody was just yelling and hollering.  It was a fun experience.  I thought I wouldn’t be able to be in the cold like that, but it was fun… especially when you win.”

And that’s exactly what Michigan did thanks in largely to a stifling defensive effort and an outstanding second half rushing effort on offense. Reese was impressed by both, but came away giving the most credit to the phase of the game that is often overlooked.  It also happened to be the unit that is coached by the man that enticed his commitment to the Wolverines, Chris Partridge.

“Me and 'CP' were always hanging out,” said Reese.  “He is just a good coach. He dominated the whole game with special teams.  Special teams was the difference in the game. Two blocked punts and good field position on all special teams, so special teams really won the game.”


The win turned out to be just one of many memorable aspects of the visit. The future Wolverine couldn’t help but be taken aback by the number of people that knew who he was.

“I was surprised,” Reese said. “They were saying, ‘hey Otis,’ and shaking my hand.  They were just regular people that knew my name.  I was like, ‘wow, I’m kind of popular here.’

His high school teammate Tory Carter experienced the same thing.  Carter also saw and felt snow for the first.  But as was the case with Reese, that did nothing to dampen the Carter family’s view of Michigan.

“They dealt with it pretty good,” said Reese. “At first they were like, ‘it’s cold,’ but when the snow came everybody’s energy got up.  Everybody started getting pumped.  I guess when you’re tuned in and having fun you kind of forget about (the cold).  And the snow was kind of fun at the same time.

“I think he liked (Michigan) a lot.”

For Reese that goes without saying. He has maintained his commitment to Michigan despite growing interest from schools closer to home. His connection to the Maize & Blue only got stronger last weekend.  His time hanging out on campus with players and recruits gets credit for that.

“I met Jabrill (Peppers), Devin Bush, and a couple of other players,” he said.  “They were just laid back.  They’re just like normal people… just like everybody else.”

“Campus is cool. Everybody is like family. It’s just Go Blue. Everybody was always saying that.”

“I was always saying it too. Go Blue!”

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