U-M Commitment Suffers Season-ending Injury

A top instate commitment suffered an ACL in practice this week. Here are the details.

From a Premium Subscriber who was there (thanks!):

Lake Orion, Mich., opened with a 38-6 victory over Southfield last (Thurs.) night. But they lost one of their top players -- and a U-M commitment -- to an ACL injury. It was a big win for Lake Orion. But the enthusiasm was limited due to a season ending injury to Will Johnson -- a torn ACL suffered in practice.

Will Johnson spoke to the team at the team dinner before the game telling them, "Don't feel sorry for me," and, "I expect to recover," and "You (his teammaates) will be proud of me for my performance at Michigan". It was a very emotional and devasting time for a kid who put countless hours in to develop into the player he had become.

Fellow U-M commitment RB/LB Roger Allison had a typical night for him -- but seemed to have taken the loss of Johson the hardest of all the kids. Allison and Johnson have become very close friends.

Allison still led the team with around 120 yards in limited carries, and in an added feature to Lake Orion's offense this year he caught six passes coming out of the backfield. Also, Roger's little brother had a huge night at wide receiver. Allison looked even better on defense -- he looked much quicker than last year.

Lake Orion dominated the game. Southfield barely moved the ball until late in 4th quarter when most of regulars were out of the game.

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