"Look for Michigan to run the ball."

So says retired U-M Staffer Mark Ouimet. Here is Mark's CMU Game Preview. "With a game like this, it's how to put things politely ... that's the hardest part."

"First off, Central averaged 22 points a game last year, and gave up 32 points. Michigan should match up pretty well everywhere."

Michigan's Offense vs. CMU's Defense

"The Michigan offense has the three full-time returning starters on the offensive line and two part-time starters. With this good a line, I expect Coach Carr and offensive coordinator) Coach Malone to pound the ball, and then to mix it up with passes to tight ends Tim Massaquoi and Andy Mignery, and to the wideouts."

"Michigan's ground game should be improved this year, and up front the Wolverines' O-line should be able to handle the Chippewa defensive front seven. Expect a 100 yard game from Chris Perry."

"And we we should see a lot of different Michigan players, especially at running back and wide receiver."

"What Central needs to do is tie up the gaps and slow the running game down. If they can do that they'll have a chance."

"Central does have two good defensive linemen, including senior defensive end Matt Wohlgemuth who we had at the Michigan Camp when he was in high school."

"Their best cornerback is James King, who'll be matched up against Braylon Edwards ("who's not starting, I know, but still ..."). "King is a good football player, and has blocked eight kicks on special teams too."

(CMU Coach) "Mike Debord has a new defensive coordinator, and they will be well prepared. So in the first quarter CMU will show them some new things, and so Michigan's offensive line has to pick up bliztes so John Navarre can adjust to what Central is doing."

The Michigan Defense vs. the CMU Offense

"The Central Michigan offense will come in with no huddle and run the spread. It's most like like Northwestern's offense, and kind've like Purdue's and Michigan State's. We'll see 3,4,5 wideouts on evey play. This puts Michigan's cornerbacks in a weird position. And Central has two good tight ends. They will throw it around with a 'slow passing attack' like Purdue's, and move the ball down the field."

"The strength of their offense is the line, with all five starters returning including two big 6-7 offensive tackles, Adam Keift, another former Michigan camper, and Jeff Jenerou."

"At running back, Jevon Witherspoon, a transfer from Northwestern, is eligible. And Scott Gibson from Wisconsin was another Michigan camper. And Terry Jackson was a 1000 yard rusher two years ago."

"Central needs to score early on Michigan, so watch for a few trick plays."

"The number one key defensively for Michigan will be to get to the quarterback, and knock some passes down. If the CMU offensive line can contain Michigan on the outside ... so Pierre Woods, Larry Stevens, Pat Massey, Alain Kashama all have to do a good job."

"Another key for Michigan is the two inside linebackers, Carl Diggs and Lawrence Reid: how healthy are they in coming from their injuries. And the cornerbacks will be on islands. It would've been nice to play Marlin Jackson of course. Michigan is thin at corner, but should still match up well."

Special Teams

"Central's special teams have been pretty good. If they can get some points there, with their special teams, they could keep it close in the 1st half."

"For Michigan, there will be a lot of new faces on special teams, young guys. Carl Tabb, Steve Breaston -- they'll do great with the oportunity I believe. And Garrett Rivas -- he'll do something in the game I believe, especially in the second half: kickoffs, field goals extra points, could be anything."

Overall, and Prediction

"I think Michigan will be pretty 'vanilla' both on offense and defense. They'll throw 'the basics' at them on offense and pound the ball. On defense they'll play it like they did against Purdue last year."

"This is the first game, so some things will happen, mistakes, to both teams. And for both, turnovers need to lead to scores. For both teams, it's a matter of making the least mistakes, and capitalizing on the other team's mistakes."

Prediction: "38-10 ... Michigan might go a little higher, but not much I'd say. Not on Mike Debord."

"One other thing: if a freshman doesn't play ... he's probably a redshirt."

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