Despite not achieving goals, Wilton Speight says missing CFP doesn't take away magnitude from Orange Bowl

Despite not achieving the goals set forth at the beginning of the season, Michigan quarterback Wilton Speight sees the opportunity the Orange Bowl presents his team later this month.

The players talked about it all season. The goal for the Michigan football program was to go undefeated and win the Big Ten Championship.

Though it didn't quite achieve that goal this season, there is still plenty left to play for this season. The Wolverines will travel to Florida once more to face Florida State in the Orange Bowl later this month. Despite not achieving its playoff aspirations, U-M quarterback Wilton Speight hopes the argument his Wolverines and other teams across the country made causes the playoff committee to think about expanding the field of eligible playoff teams at the end of the season.

"Ever since this college football playoff thing came in obviously it's the main focus," Speight said. "Hopefully they see the dilemma they had with it this year and expand it from four teams. I don't think it takes away from the magnitude of the Orange Bowl, it's still a [New Year's Six game]. You're in Miami and it's a primetime kickoff and you're playing against Florida State, a very historical program."

With one more game left to play this season, and most of the important goals failed, Speight says it doesn't necessarily take away the luster of playing in the Orange Bowl. However, there will always be something at the back of his mind that will remind him of the missed opportunities his team had this season.

"I don't think it takes away from anything, the drive and want to go ball out and beat Florida State," Speight said. "Obviously it's disappointing because our goal was to win the Big Ten Championship and go undefeated."

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