Channing Stribling on Orange Bowl preparation: 'It's all business'

Michigan senior corner Channing Stribling says Orange Bowl preparation is 'all business.'

Miami is often looked at as a prime vacation destination for the folks up north living through the cold winter months.

However, Miami is not a place for leisure for the Michigan football program next week, it is a place of business.

For U-M senior corner Channing Stribling, the "Christmas Camp" under head coach Jim Harbaugh is something him and the rest of the team are very familiar with it. As the grueling camp sessions equated to a dominating victory over Florida in last year's bowl game. For Stribling, he is well aware of what's at stake for the Wolverines and understands the mindset the team should be having heading into next week's contest against Florida State.

It's all business.

"We know what's expected, we know what to do," Stribling said. "There's no talking about it. You come here for business, you go home for the holidays with your family and stuff but once we get to Miami it's all business. No time to play, we've still got to win another game."

Not much has changed in camp, notes Stribling. The mindset is the same as the team plans to travel to Florida for the second straight year in December. With the doors closed and the heat cranked up, Stribling says this no time to take a breather as there is still work left to be done.

"It's an NFL-style thing it's all business," Stribling said. "You're coming out to showcase what you've done all season. [Harbaugh] knows this is the time where a lot of teams, a lot of guys get in trouble or relax for a minute. This is not a time to relax, we've still go to win another game."

Stribling is one of many seniors that will don the winged helmet for the final time in his collegiate career. For one final team, he hopes to show everyone what him and the rest of his senior class are made of.

"It's the final game, you know, we're going out with a bang," Stribling said. "Showing everybody what our preparation was for the last four or five years, just making sure we capitalize on a good note."

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