Postgame Player Comments Part 2

Steve Breaston, Carl Diggs, and Jeremy LeSueur give their thoughts on Saturday's contest.

Steve Breaston

Did you expect to play such a big roll in the offense in your first game?

"I just wanted to go out there and play and do my job for the team."

What were you thinking when you caught that deflected ball?

"I made a play. I don't even know if I was supposed to be there, but I was fortunate to be in the right place to make that play."

Did you have any first game jitters?

"Yeah, I had first game jitters. I was a little nervous because it was my first time getting on the field. I just said keep it simple and go out there and play hard and have fun."

How did it feel to be back there returning punts?

"It felt real good. I knew that my teammates were going to block for me and keep the defenders off. All I really had to do was catch the ball."

Did you feel pressure to come out right away and show some of the big play ability that we heard so much about?

"I didn't really feel any pressure. I just wanted to go out there, like I said before, and contribute. Everything else falls into place."

Do you feel like you established yourself today in the punt return game?

"I just go out there and play hard. Like I said, the team is going to block for me so I just have to do my part when I get the ball."

Last year the longest punt return for Michigan was 26 yards. Is that something that is talked about in the off-season?

"Yeah. We have a lot of capable returners. Markus Curry was in there a few times and he's also a good returner. Anybody in there is going to do the job."

On that tipped ball were you just kind of hanging around in the vicinity?

"Yeah, I was just hanging around. The ball happened to bounce my way and I caught it."

Did you have to break a route to get over there?

"Yeah, I just kind of broke a route."

On Braylon not playing as much as some might have expected and others like he and Carl Tabb playing more:

"We're all doing good and we're all going to play. We're all going to play hard. All of the receivers are going to do their jobs and catch the ball and block for the running backs. We're all in a good position. We just have to keep working hard and keep having fun."

How was it redshirting last year?

"It was tough but I learned a lot and got strong in the weight room. It was a good experience for me to see people like Chris Perry and BJ Askew out there playing in all of the excitement. Sitting on the bench you just have to wait your turn."

Carl Diggs

How did your leg feel today?

"It felt good. It was my first real live action. Coming out in the second half it felt kind of stiff, but once I got out there running around it felt good. It held up well and I feel like I'm close to 100%."

What do you think was the reason they were able to run so well against you guys?

"They did some scheme things that we hadn't seen. With it being the first game we have to watch tape from last year and they did things different what what we saw on film. We had guys returning from injury and some young guys playing for the first time, plus it was the first game. I'm not glad that they ran for a lot of yards on us, but it's kind of good that it happened now so that we can go in make the corrections that we need to make for next Saturday."

Did their no huddle offense make them hard to defend?

"The no huddle didn't really affect us."

Was there a something in particular that seemed to be working for them?

"One play that they were running was the zone play to the one five bubble. One thing they liked to do was cut it back and when they cut it back, people weren't in the right spots to be able to stop the run. That comes from not really seeing it in practice a lot and not knowing how to play it. It wasn't necessarily their fast paced offense, they just would run a lot of plays that we hadn't seen on film yet."

It seemed like they were finesse blocking more than anything.

"Yeah, they like to get you to run up out of there. They start like it's a sweep play then he cut it back up inside. So like you said, they get you running one way, then the next thing you know a guy is pushing you and you're not in the proper spot."

What are you guys going to take out of this?

"Even though we won 45-, they still rushed for 200 yards on us and that's not acceptable at Michigan. So we need to go in and correct some things."

Jeremy LeSueur

Was the heat a factor?

"Heat wasn't a factor today. We practiced during two-a-days and it was hotter than this. Today was a great day to play football."

Did the turf feel like it was a quicker surface?

"It probably is, but once you are playing, you don't focus on how it feels, you just react. It's a lot better than the field from last year, I can guarantee that."

Was it a rough day because they rushed for 200 yards or a good day because you held them to seven points?

"Well, we don't want to give up any points. We were able to hold them to 7, but we have to go back and work. We gave up a lot of yards passing and rushing and that is something that we know championship teams don't do."

Other players talked about frustration about the yardage given up being voiced at halftime. What was said?

"We knew they had a lot of rushing yards and we had a lot of mistakes with people out of position. We just said that we had to come back, work harder, and get in position and make it tough."

Was the performance just a case of it being the first game?

"I really can't tell you that because everyone is different. It is the first game and I know that people were a little nervous, but we will have to just go back, watch film, learn, and get ready for Houston next week."

What did you think about Steve on the returns today?

"I think it's great. I love having him back there. He's making plays. It's something we've seen throughout practice so it's no surprise."

Coach talked about being impressed with the entire punt return team.

"Oh yeah, I give everyone credit because they were blocking up front. He had holes. I mean, if you give him a space like that, he is going to return it."

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