Michigan offensive coordinator Tim Drevno is prepared for the challenge of developing a young offensive line next season

Michigan offensive coordinator Tim Drevno is ready for the challenge of developing a young offensive line next season.

It's no secret that the Michigan football team has a heavy senior presence that will be playing their last game in a winged helmet on Friday.

That secret is also well known the U-M offensive staff, too. Offensive coordinator and offensive line coach spoke with the media on Tuesday to preview the Wolverines' upcoming clash with Florida State. He was asked about the fact that U-M will be graduating three fifth-year seniors on the offensive line this season, which means the offensive line next season will be considerably younger.

Drevno understands what he is losing and says that preparations have already taken place getting the younger plays ready. After all, most players are one play away from seeing the field unexpectedly.

"That started weeks ago and I understand that three guys are graduating," Drevno said. "Every day is a challenge, it's not easy to play on the offensive line. It's a formed habit. I love the challenge, I love to rebuild and I love to put a new line out there. I embrace it. Every day is an opportunity to get better and they understand it you don't really have to say much to them. They understand that three guys are graduating and it's time for them to step up. Next man up."

During his time at USC, Drevno was not afraid to start young offensive lineman from the beginning of the season. Just like every position on the football, you have to earn the right to be named starter. In typical U-M mantra form, it's all about getting better every day and outworking the person next to you.

"One is the willingness to get better and it's about work, just outwork people," Drevno said. "Make football very, very important that you want to be at the top of your craft and produce at a high level. Be a student of the game, really embrace it. Embrace what we're coaching and teaching. When you step on the field and you're doing those techniques at a high level, you can see it that you're getting better... You can't get enough big bodies, that's something that you want. Big bodies on your football team. Our depth is getting there, absolutely. We've been here for two years and it'll keep getting better."

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