Michigan fullback Khalid Hill wants to work on versatility next season

Michigan fullback Khalid Hill wants to be more versatile in the offense next season.

With his decision on whether to forgo his final season or enter the NFL Draft, Michigan fullback Khalid Hill can now focus on his Orange Bowl preparations without any distractions.

Hill has found a home as a fullback, becoming the goal line workhorse for the Wolverines this season. However, there are still parts of his game that Hill wants to improve upon. More specifically, Hill says that his body is still a work in progress and he knows that he can play at a much lighter weight than he has been in recent years.

"Just getting my body right," Hill said. "I can play a lot lighter than what I've played in recent years. I've gained some but I think going into the offseason being able to lose more weight and play more positions I think is best for me."

Despite rushing for 10 touchdowns this season, don't tell Hill that he's a redzone-only type of player. In fact, one of the major reasons he chose to return to U-M was to become more versatile in the offensive system. He's proven he can play multiple positions, now he wants to prove once again that he can do even more.

"I'm not saying I am tired of [the role]," Hill said. "I'm tired of hearing 'oh he's the goal line back,' I want to be more versatile and score from long distances if I can. One thing I want to work on in the offseason is being more versatile."

It's been a whirlwind year for Hill. For someone who found himself sitting on the depth chart to being suddenly become the full-time fullback, Hill says to anyone in his shoes to be patient and wait until your number is called.

"What a year can do is amazing," Hill said. "Kind of just sitting back and if anyone was in my shoes last year I would just tell them to be patient because you never know when your number is called and someone gets an opportunity to make plays. When I had an opportunity to make plays it kind of showed me that you can do a lot with this offense, you can contribute a lot. More than you think so keep working at it."

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