Walk-on Jordan Glasgow continues to surprise Don Brown

Michigan defensive coordinator Don Brown praises Jordan Glasgow during bowl practices.

It's hard to come across a story in college football right now like the Glasgow brothers.

Both Ryan (current senior) and Graham (now playing for the Detroit Lions) were walk-ons that both worked their way to becoming successful scholarship players during their careers at U-M. If two weren't enough, a third Glasgow has been garnering the attention of the coaching staff.

Surely a third Glasgow can't do it again, right?

Well, according to defensive coordinator Don Brown, Jordan Glasgow's stock is certainly rising during bowl practices.

"He's gotten in on special teams and he's done a really, really, really good job," Brown said of the youngest Glasgow. "Usually that's an indicator that a guys arrow is moving up. He's not afraid of a big picture and that's what we're seeing in bowl practice. If you said who is the guy that has surprised you the most? Him."

What is it about the Glasgow's that has been so successful?

"I know one thing, they've got the one tooth thing going so I don't want to fight them," Brown said jokingly.

It'll come as no surprise when Jabrill Peppers announces his intentions to enter the NFL Draft after the season is over. Meaning that the Wolverines will have a void to fill in his absence. If by chance or by luck, the defensive coaching staff might have a player capable of replacing Peppers on defense. Perhaps he's not as electrifying, but Glasgow can do certain things well that some others cannot.

That's something else Brown has been figuring out this bowl season.

"All the sudden we just kind of fooled with him in the bowl practices and I'm going 'damn, this guy is doing things a lot better,'" Brown said. "He can rush it a little bit so I'm sure he has a little bit of that going. He can cover a little bit, he's a tough guy. He set the edge on a counter play yesterday and I was like, 'damn, this guy is playing pretty good.' If you keep fooling around with the soup and you find certain things kids can do well, just let them do that. Take him out when you have to do the other things. Everybody goes, 'oh you're a big package guy,' no I'm not. If a guy isn't doing something well, get him the heck out of there and let somebody else go in there and do it.

"That's really how packages develop, there's things that guys can do well and we're finding [Glasgow] can do some of those things that the VIPER position has pretty darn well."

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