Jourdan Lewis appreciative of Zordich's impact

Michigan cornerback Jourdan Lewis is appreciative of the impact cornerback coach Mike Zordich has had on his position group.

It's been a revolving door for senior cornerback Jourdan Lewis in regards to his coaching, who almost had a different position coach every year he was on campus at Michigan.

Fortunately for him, though, cornerbacks coach Mike Zordich has spent the last two seasons mentoring Lewis and the rest of the cornerbacks. Zordich has been there and done that, he's played at both the collegiate and professional levels and understands what it takes to be a successful corner.

One thing in particular Lewis is thankful for, however, is the stability Zordich has brought to his position group.

"Except for the last two years coach Zordich was the most stable," Lewis said. "I'm excited, I'm so happy that coach Zordich came here. He helped us understand the game itself and so much more. I appreciate him so much for everything he's done for my maturation process, it's just unbelievable."

For someone that has been around the game for so long, Zordich understands defenses and all the ins and outs of the cornerback position. Lewis says that his coach is demanding, as every coach should be, but the impact he has made on Lewis will stay with him for however long his football career lasts after leaving U-M.

"He would teach us formations, he drilled it into us," Lewis said. "You've got to know this formation, you've got to understand what they like to do in these formations and once he taught us that, it took a while, a little hollering a little bit, we got it. Once we got that the game got so much easier. He just gave us these little tidbits of knowledge that we can carry for the rest of our careers. He understands everything that we're going through, he understands what we need to do to be successful in the backend. I'm just so appreciative of it."


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