Evans: 'I think I hit a freshman wall'

Enduring his first college season, Chris Evans says "I think I hit a freshman wall."

MIAMI, Fla. – Chris Evans started off his Michigan career like a sprinter.

He’s built for speed but eventually ran out of gas.

“I think I hit a freshman wall, I mean the season was really long,” Evans said, adding: “By the time I got to the end of November, I’m like ‘dang, this season is long.' That’s when I hit the wall.”

How do you fix it exactly? Well, Evans says it's all about preparation.  

“Just getting mentally stronger,” Evans said. “Just talking to the older guys having them push me and stuff, and just keep going.”

But it’s not like Evans had a bad freshman season for the Wolverines.

Through U-M’s first 12 games, he rushed 80 times for 565 yards good for 7.1 yards per carry average. Though, Evans only finished with three rushing touchdowns this season, which he credits to his slender 5-foot-11, 205-pound frame, acknowledging that he needs to add five more pounds to withstand goal line situations.  

“Getting bigger so I can have to be an every down back,” Evans said. “In the goal line this year in a couple games we got down to goal line and I was coming out cause we had a bigger back in De’Veon (Smith) that’s stronger. I’m just trying to become bigger an stronger so I can become that role.”

Taking notes in team meetings also became a major focus for Evans, who noted it became part of his ritual during the season.

“In high school sitting in meeting, I was like ‘alright, I already know this.’ Now I start writing notes down and look at it before I go to practice and after practice watch the film and go over what I did wrong,” Evans said.  

 And by taking more notes, Evans admits the game has become even easier on the field.

“As you start being s student of the game and know who’s block who, who’s going where and who’s everybody else’s job, it makes your job a lot easier,” Evans said. “Cause the game slows down so you know who’s blocking who, you can just be smooth through the hole.”

No. 6 Michigan (10-2) plays against No. 11 Florida State (9-3) this Friday at 8 p.m.

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