Harbaugh addresses injuries, 2nd half play

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh addresses injured players Jabrill Peppers and Jake Butt, praises second half effort from his team.

MIAMI, Fla. -- Besides losing the actual Orange Bowl, 33-32, to Florida State, Michigan lost two key star players to injury on Friday. 

Heisman Trophy finalist, Gabriel Peppers, was scratched as a game time decision, after hurting his hamstring in Thursday's practice, says Harbaugh.

"Jabrill had his hamstring grab on him yesterday, and he was jumping for a ball, it was very unfortunate," Harbaugh said. "He wasn't able to run, could see it on the film yesterday, and couldn't get to where he could run and be effective out there, so we didn't play him." 

Adding: "He tried to warm it up in pregame to see if he could go, gave it a good effort and wasn't able to."

Now Peppers needs to decide whether he's coming back for another season, no decision yet has been made. 

As far as senior Jake Butt, Michigan's All-American tight end's injury appears more serious. Already with one ACL injury in his career, Butt went down in the first half in apparent pain, ended up leaving never to return. 

Afterwards, Harbaugh gave his insight on Butt's situation. "Jake, not sure yet, MCL or ACL. Yeah," Harbaugh said. 

So not good news, to say the least, for U-M's fallen star. 

With Michigan trailing 20-6 at the half, Harbaugh praised his team for their second half effort. 

"Really the offense in the first half, it was tough sledding. Wilton was able to make some plays out of the pocket, really coming up with some first-down throws, extending the play. Was very creative. That kept us moving, kept us getting some first downs, didn't turn the ball over, was really good with the ball all day. Our entire offense was. And our team did everything we asked of them today, starting coming out of the half.

"Second half, put together a drive, chipped away at the lead by three, and asked them to get a turnover, and thought that would change the momentum, and they did. When we needed the touchdown drives, we got them. So I was just really proud of the effort of our team and also give credit to Florida State. They played a heck of a ballgame, as well."

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