Emotional Peppers Reacts After FSU Loss

Michigan star Jabrill Peppers couldn't play on Friday due to an injury, and was pretty emotional about it afterwards.

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. -- In case you haven’t heard already, Michigan star Jabrill Peppers sat out Friday’s Orange Bowl, 33-32, loss to Florida State due an hamstring injury he sustained in Thursday’s practice.

And while Peppers warmed up pregame to test out his hamstring, he acknowledged he never was really close to participating in the game.

“I wasn’t close at all actually,” Peppers said. “I couldn’t run. I couldn’t cut. Every time I started stretching my leg I felt a sharp sensation.”

Peppers said he hoped adrenaline could take over so he could play through the pain, it just wasn’t the case.

“They wrapped me in icy hot, pain relievers, you name it man, at the end of day I didn’t want to hurt the team,” Peppers said. “If I was 80 percent I was just going to slow the team down. They are used to be playing a certain way, certain playing style. It just hurts to see it happen.”

And he later added that if the game was a day later, he most likely could’ve played.

“It loosened up a little bit but it wasn’t enough to play,” Peppers confirmed. “I felt as though if the game was Saturday I would definitely play in this game. When you hurt a hamstring a day before a game, man, no matter who you are it’s going to be tough to come back.”

Peppers also didn’t hide his emotions of how felt post game, as he was clearly frustrated on not being able to play.

“It sucks we couldn’t send out these seniors the right way,” Peppers said. “It sucks I couldn’t help the team. I worked too hard, man. I just feel as though the season was cheapened on all the hard work we put in. The seniors definitely deserved better than this, man. Not even being ale to play just sucks.”

And if you were wondering why Peppers wasn’t on sideline and was later seen in the press box, he confirmed that was Jim Harbaugh’s decision.

“I wanted to be on the sideline but coach Harbaugh wanted me to go upstairs in the press box,” Peppers said. “I think he said I would be like a spectacle or something like that, I don’t know. But he just said it would be best if I was in the press box. So I was doing whatever I can from up there to help the team win.”

Next up for Peppers is his impending decision to declare himself for the 2017 NFL Draft. A decision, he says, he has yet to make and plans to hold off till the Jan. 16 deadline.

“I don’t know,” Peppers said. “I got some decisions to make. I herd there is a deadline, so I will probably take up to the deadline.”  

He also noted he’ll talk to all of his options, whether it being his coaches, family or teammates, when making his decision.

“Just explore all possible outcomes and chose the best one,” Peppers said.  


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