Saturday Visitor PK/P David Lonie

I talked this Labor Day afternoon to Jack Denholm, the athletic director of JC PK/P <B>David Lonie</B> at Ellsworth, Ia., Community College.

Did David Lonie (6-5, 230 lbs.) make an official visit to Michigan this past weekend?

"Official visit? At Michigan ... yes, I'm sure it was an official visit. He was at Michigan's kicking camp last summer, as a place kicker. He told me he was the best long kicker there. He made 7 of 10. He said U-M's own kicker made 8 of 10 but that he, David, had a little more range. So Michigan invited him up for an official visit."

Does he have a scholarship offer from U-M?

"Michigan? I don't know for sure. He does have several offers on the table -- he has them all taped on his wall in his room. He does want to go somewhere where he can kick right away."

How did an Aussie kid end up in Iowa Falls, Ia.?

"David is 23 years old, not really a kid. He's a BIG guy you know -- you should see him with his shirt off, he's all muscle. He was a soccer player in Australia, and decided to try placekicking in the US. He just started placekicking a few years ago. He came to North American a little over a year ago -- he tried out in the CFL and was offered a $50,000 contract to go right into the pros, but he decided to go to college in the US instead. He was set to go to Kentucky last year, but couldn't get his academics to transfer. So through some contacts he ended up here. This is his second year here."

How would you describe Lonie as a kicker?

"I think his strengths are kickoffs and place kicking. We expect him to kick every kickoff into the end zone, and in our first game this past Thursday he made two of three field goals (we won -- we were 3-6 last year but are rated better this year). He missed a 57 yarder on a blown snap. He made 9 of 12 field goals last year. He can punt too, (40.1 average last year on a large number of kicks, 67 in nine games) but I'd call him more of a back-up punter. He's a better place kicker I'd say."

Did he go anywhere else last summer?

"He was a waterskiing instructor in Wisconsin this summer. He did go to the East Coast for a camp at Virginia I believe."

How would you describe Lonie as a person?

"He's a great guy, he doesn't complain about everything. He's a team leader, a hard worker, he's motivated. He's very outgoing -- we have him talk to service clubs around here, they are all interested in how he got over to the US."

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