Is more good news on the horizon for Michigan?

As is always the case, Detroit (Mich.) King cornerback has been a head-turner on the football field this week. The Michigan Insider caught up with the future Wolverine to discuss his Army experience, the growth of his game, and more. One very interesting topic of discussion was that on silent commitments. Does Michigan have any in San Antonio?

Ambry Thomas' game travels.

Whether he hits the field in Detroit or in San Antonio versus the nation’s best, the four-star corner plays the kind of edge he has become known for.  He has certainly flashed his elite coverage skills while practicing for Saturday’s Army All American game.  At the same time, he discovered through the emphasis of off man coverage the need to hone his technique in that areas.

“You can't press,” said Thomas. “That's all I do, baby."

"It's going pretty good, I had a slow start getting used to the off man. Now I'm used to it, I've been competing."

“I've been actually using a skootch technique out here. That's what (Jourdan Lewis) taught me, so I've been using that. That's what's been helping me out, actually."

Even while making the aforementioned adjustment, Thomas didn’t lose many reps. Ever the perfectionist, though, he recalls vividly one of the few he did.

"I know where I've been going wrong on the one rep I did (lose),” he said.  “It was a 1-on-1, I know what I did wrong and I corrected that. I'm still that top dog in my head, it's great competition out here, honestly."

The receivers he has been facing feel the same way about Thomas.  Future Wolverine Tarik Black was dominant at times during the first two days of practice, but he singled Thomas out as the toughest defender he’d faced.

“I’m not being biased or anything like that cause he’s a Michigan commit,” said Black. “But I do think he’s the best corner out here.”

Convincing Black he’s the best isn’t enough for Thomas, though. He’s out to convince everyone.

“I've always got to do that,” Thomas said.  “I think I'm still the sleeper athlete out here. I don't think a lot of people know what I'm about yet. I'm going to have to showcase my talent."

That is Thomas’ primary focus this week. Several other prospects in attendance are also focused on recruiting for their respective schools, but putting on that hat doesn’t appear to be in the future Wolverines’ wheelhouse.

"I'm not going to do that,” he said. “If they want to come, they're going to come. I joke with Willie (Gay) to see if he was just (seriously looking at) us.  He said, ‘yeah.’ So, that's about it. I'm not about to recruit nobody."

But might he be on the lookout for some possible commitments to take place? Are there any silent Michigan commits in San Antonio for the Army Game? Watch the video above and judge for yourself.


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