Aubrey Solomon has spoken at length with Jim Harbaugh and Chris Partridge in recent days.

After some unflattering remarks about Michigan earlier in the week, many observers believed Leesburg (Ga.) Lee County five-star defensive tackle Aubrey Solomon had essentially eliminated Michigan. Nothing could be further from the true.

Army All American week was all about improvement for Aubrey Solomon. The Leesburg (Ga.) Lee County star arrived in San Antonio thinking all that growth would occur on the field. He left realizing that he experienced just as much of it off the field.

When the dust settled on this year’s game his immediate reflection was on his performance and how competition revealed the skills that he needs to improve.

“By no means am I satisfied by my game,” the five-star standout said.  “I’ve got a whole lot to do.”

“Pass rush (needs to get better). I really don’t have a pass rush move. I stick to the blockers, so I need to develop a pass rush move to disengage quicker.”

From there the conversation shifted to some unfortunate comments he made about Michigan earlier in the week. While bantering with several Georgia commits he said some things about the Wolverines that he later came to regret.  The next morning he issued a heartfelt apology.

“Basically I was just being a boy, saying stuff I shouldn’t be saying,” Solomon explained. “I had to reflect on it because it wasn’t right. No matter who you’re with, eyes are watching you no matter where you go. Basically, I just wanted to say I was sorry. It was immature of me to say that about a school… a great school at that. Basically I just (tweeted) saying I’m sorry.”

For many youngsters, contrition comes after scolding from adults. That wasn’t the case with Solomon.

“It was basically just me,” he said. “I had to make to grown decision. I was in the wrong and I knew it. I knew I was in the wrong.  So I just had to grow up and move on.”

That growing up process went beyond apologizing to fans. He also apologized to Michigan coaches directly.

“I talked to Coach Partridge and Coach Harbaugh and just said I’m sorry for my actions and they’re still like #1 on my list,” Solomon said. “I told them, ‘please, please don’t take it to heart.’ It was just all the things that happened I guess finally let out. But by no means does it mean that I don’t want to go to Michigan, because Michigan is my top school… one of my top schools.”

The Wolverines on top? That would be an abrupt change from earlier in the week when he said Alabama was on top. He backed off that strong statement about the Maize & Blue a bit when reminded of his prior leaderboard.

“(Michigan is) one of my top schools,” he replied. “Bama is top, but Michigan is up there with Georgia too. So you never know.”

So what is next in a recruitment that has seen its share of twists and turns? The talented youngster had considered taking a couple more official visits later this month. Now apparently, he won’t.

Said Solomon, “I’m taking one more visit to USC and I’m done.”

After that it will be decision time.

Stay tuned to The Michigan Insider for an exclusive chat with Solomon’s mother for much much more on the current state of his recruitment. It’s interview you definitely don’t want to miss.

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