Schweiger: "It Was Awesome!"

Valley Christian (San Jose, Calif) defensive end <b>Jeff Schweiger</b> made his official visit to Ann Arbor this weekend. The cool (and big) Californian had some nice things to say about the Midwest.

Jeff Schweiger (Aug. 30 official visit, Stan. Nike Camp stats: 6-4, 240 lbs., 4.56 in the 40, 4.11 in the shuttle, 31 bench press reps, 30.9 inch vertical ... 3.0 GPA) paid a visit to the Michigan campus this weekend for the first of his official visits. GBW talked to the Valley Christian star this (Monday) evening.

So, how was the visit?

"It was awesome! The game was awesome. I loved how everyone knew the Michigan Fight Song and I liked when everyone was doing the wave when Michigan started killing them. I talked to the weightlifing coach on the sidelines and after the game. The number of people at the game is amazing. I've been to (San Francisco Forty) Niner games but they're not as rowdy or all for the same team so that was cool. The student section was cool too all in yellow."

How was the defense in your opinion?

"I think they played good. I mean it was pretty hard to tell because Central Michigan wasn't a real big game for them. One thing I didn't like was the way their defensive ends played. That's not how I play. I mean I could play like that, but that's not what I play. I talked to Coach Sheridan about that and he said the I would be able to play the spot differently when I came there." (editor's note: Schweiger was checking his words carefully throughout this answer. I got the idea that this would be a concern for him.)

Who was your host?

"The first night it was one of the red-shirt freshman, Will Paul. The second night it was number 35, Brian Thompson."

Did you get a chance to check out the campus?

"Yeah, I walked around campus a lot and went to a couple parties and stuff. It was awesome. I really liked the people and the campus was cool."

How did you get along with the staff?

"They were cool. Coach Carr was an awesome guy. One of my favorite parts of the visit was being with Coach Carr."

What did you talk about?

"We talked about the team and where he thinks they're going and how I would fit in. He's real confident that Michigan sells itself. I talked to Coach Sheridan about the depth chart and he said they're really going to need defensive lineman for the next couple years. He said he couldn't tell what would happen right when I came in but that I could get some early playing time if I worked hard."

You're really into weightlifting. Did you get a chance to tour the facilities and talk to the S&C coach?

"Yeah, those guys seem really dedicated and they knew what they were doing. I guess that guy (Gittleson) has been there like 30 years and he seems to know what he's doing. I liked going down there. The facilities were awesome. The rehab pool was cool and I like that he has wide grip handles so you get a better grip on the weights. He showed me this DVD he had set up on how they train you so that was cool."

Can you compare the campuses you've been on?

"I've been to USC and now Michigan and the campuses are very similar. The atmosphere at Michigan is totally different than at USC. But mainly they're both a lot alike."

Do you have any problems leaving California?

"I'm going to take some more of my visits before I really think about that, but I don't think leaving California is going to be a really big deal. My folks want me to do whatever I think is best for me, so that's not a problem either."

Did the visit change things for you as far as how you're looking at schools?

"Yeah, USC is the only other school I've been too and I like them a lot. But this visit was really cool. I didn't realize how awesome it would be to play in front of that many people. Going through the tunnel was thick. My eyes were really opened up during the visit. It was way more exciting than I expected."

Do you have any other visits set up?

"I don't have any others set up now. I'll probably take a couple more but I don't know right now. I'll take all my visits then make my decision probably in January."

Schweiger and Valley Christian open the season this Friday against Hollister. He is The Insiders #32 ranked player in the nation.

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