Early Doucet Plans U-M Visit

Surprise, surprise! Louisiana Ath. <B>Early Doucet</B> tells us why!

I just called (Tues. noon) Ath. Early Doucet (LSU Camp stats: 6-2, 212 lbs., 4.4 in the 40 ... 3.23 GPA/18 ACT) from St. Martinsville, Louisiana. Doucet is TheInsiders' #1 wide receiver, and #6 overall prospect.

Early, Cameron Colvin's Godfather called me last night and said you and Colvin (from Concord De La Salle, Calif., TheInsiders' #16 prospect) are planning on visiting Michigan together for the Sept. 12 weekend. Is that correct?

"Yes, sir."

Has it been set up?

"I called one of the coaches at Michigan yesterday, Ron English, and he was going to get in touch with the Michigan coach that recruits my area, Coach (Fred) Jackson. They are supposed to call back today. I told them I want to come and visit at the same time as Cameron, Sept. 12th, because we're planning on going to the same school together. Since Cameron is real high on Michigan I figured I needed to go there too. I might be able to go to Michigan too."

How long have you known Colvin?

"Ever since we went to the Miami summer camp. That's where we first met -- we roomed together. After that we've just been staying in touch. We became real close at the Miami camp."

What is your list of top schools?

"Michigan, Miami, Florida, Florida State, and LSU."

Are any of those in the lead?

"I don't really know that yet. I would have to decide that after I take all my visits."

Have you taken any visits yet?

"No, this will be my first one."

Prior to this what kind of contact had you been receiving from the Michigan coaches?

"None really. I spoke with a few of them early on and everything but I haven't spoken to anyone since, until now."

Have you been receiving any letters?

"A few on and off."

Do you have an offer from Michigan?

"I think I do. Coach English is going to have Coach Jackson call me and let me know all that."

What do you like about Michigan?

"After watching them play on Saturday I liked what I saw. I think I could be of some help, you know, me and Cameron. That's one of the main reasons I decided I like to visit Michigan I guess. It's a good school academically and in sports so that's kinda what I'm looking for in a school."

What are you planning as a major?

"Either physical therapy or criminal justice. I'd like to go into some type of law enforcement, like the FBI or something like that."

What is your GPA and test score?

"I have a 3.3 GPA and I got an 18 on the ACT but I'm taking it again in October."

Do you have any problem with possibly leaving Louisiana?

"No, that's not a problem at all. A lot of people here say I should be a lock for LSU, that I'm definitely going there. But I don't know what could happen. I'm considering LSU like I'm considering Michigan but I'm now a lock anywhere. I'm keeping my options open."

When do you want to make a decision?

"Probably after my season and all my visits."

What other schools are you going to visit?

"I don't know yet because Cameron and I are still trying to decide which schools we're going to visit. Michigan is one but we don't know about the others right now."

Are you guys going to take all your visits together?

"Not all of them, maybe two or three."

What position are most schools recruiting you for?

"Most schools are recruiting me as a wide receiver."

Did you attend any other camps besides Miami?

"I went to the LSU camp. I was invited to some of the Nike Camps but I played summer basketball so I couldn't make it."

St. Martinsville opens the season Friday against Cecilia High School. Doucet plays quarterback for his team, rushing for 1,200 yards as a junior and passing for 600.

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