Transfer WR/DB Grant Mason Interview (Part Two)

In the final part of my conversation with <b>Grant Mason</b>, he addresses the position he'll be playing for the Wolverines, when he'll be starting school, and what he plans to major in.

For those who missed part one of my Sunday conversation with Grant Mason, click here.

Were there any other factors in your decision? Was there a situation where one school offered more? Did one school offer more playing time?

“No, not at all. I have a relationship with coach Willingham, and after playing a year with him he knew what to expect from me. They offered me right away, so I felt confident that I had made a great impression upon them."

So the playing style of either school didn't come into play?

“No, not really. Playing style didn’t come into play. Position didn’t even come into play. I’m playing receiver at Michigan. I didn’t know that would be the case going in because they originally recruited me as a defensive back, and I didn’t mind that. I don’t mind playing corner. I just like playing. I want to play the positions that are going to help me, and possibly help my chances making it at or at least having a shot at the next level.”

Right now, they have you at receiver. If you came in the fall and they decided to play you at corner, would you be opposed to switching?

“If it looked like it was a better situation for me, no, not at all.”

What players do you know on Michigan’s team?

“I met a lot of guys either playing against them, at camps, at banquets, a lot of the guys in my class, went to Michigan. I’ve known Jermain since I was in second grade."

So when do you plan to enroll in school?

“I’ve already enrolled in my classes. I’m trying to get one more. I will be starting everything on Tuesday. I will be in the gym on Tuesday and my classes start on Tuesday. I was admitted to the school of LS&A but I'm going to meet with the engineering school pretty soonbecause I want to major in Civil Engineering. I think I'm only one class short of being able to get admitted to the program.”

So you can start practicing with the team right away?

“Once school starts, yep.”

When does your scholarship kick in?

“Right now.”

What is your height, weight, forty time?

“I’m a legit 5’11,... probably a shade over, and 190 lbs,.”

And what was your forty time?

“I haven’t been timed since my freshman year, but it was 4.5 flat then. I know that I have gotten under that.”

What type of receiver are you?

“I’m shifty and I’m a real good route runner."

Has Michigan talked to you about being a returner?

“I got a chance to talk to coach Carr and we only talked about me coming in and playing receiver.”

So have you talked to any other coaches besides Carr?

“I've talked to coach Campbell of course.”

Have they talked to you about how you fit into the rotation or anything like that?

“We’ve talked about the situation and about guys leaving. Really, where I fit in is where I PROVE I fit inl. They have a lot of confidence in me. To give me a chance to play and offer a scholarship says that. I am sure that they are looking for a lot from me. I am going to have to perform in order to get where I want to be. I'm not looking for anything to be handed to me.”

Even though you can’t play this year, are you allowed to dress?

“I think I may be able to be on the sidelines with my jersey on, but not padded up. I'll be #85.”

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