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'18 LB Dallas Gant Talks Michigan Offer

Toledo (Ohio) St. Johns 2018 linebacker Dallas Gant reflects on his Michigan offer and more.

Dallas Gant can now add Michigan to his long list of top-notch offers.

That’s right, the Wolverines became the 17th school to extend an offer to the Toledo (Ohio) St. Johns junior four-star linebacker on Monday. In fact, his offer was extended through a phone call from his area recruiter, U-M secondary coach Michael Zordich, says Gant.

“I was pretty excited about it,” Gant said. “I mean, it’s 45 minutes away, it’s pretty close. I know some people that go there, I hear it’s a great place. So I was pretty excited about that.”

And while Gant admits Michigan is coming in a little late in his recruitment, he says Zordich made it clear how much Michigan would like him in its 2018 class.

“We’re just now creating a late relationship and see how it goes from there,” he said of Zordich, continuing: “They were just saying they are trying to build something great, trying to put Michigan back on top again. He said he looked at my film and really likes what I am doing in school and on the field. And just hopes that I can become part of they are doing at Michigan.”

 Now that Gant has his U-M offer, next up he says is a possible visit to Ann Arbor.

“We’ll probably will go up there because it’s very close to where we live,” Gant said. “Probably just to see the place, I haven’t got to see much of it. I have not actually been to a game, my dad has been. So I would like to see a game. I would like to see campus, pretty much everything because I’ve never been there before.”

And when or if Gant goes to Michigan, it would give him his first chance to meet headman Jim Harbaugh, who Gant admits he’s been watching from a far.

“I haven’t met coach Harbaugh, but I’m sure he’s a great guy,” he said. “I’ve seen him coach, I’ve seen how passionate that he is. I’m very excited to meet him if I get the chance to. He’s just an interesting guy, passionate about the game. It seems like he loves his kids a lot. So his football is very interesting, I’m excited to meet the team.”

Recently, Gant says he took in a visit to Wisconsin this past weekend. He also notes that he plans on visiting Michigan State, Penn State and Ohio State coming up, as he insists he’s looking fro a program that he can call home.

“I am really try to look at which place fits me best or I feel at home at,” he said. “They all have great facilities, they all have great places, it’s just if I see myself playing there and enjoying it there.”

And when Gant finally finds his school of choice, he says he won’t be prolonging is decision throughout his senior year of high school.

“I would like to make a verbal decision before the start of next season,” he said. “I talked about graduating early with my family, but I’m not interested in taking away from my senior year and I want to enjoy my time here at school. It could be an option, but I don’t think it is right now.”    

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