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Michigan assistant coach Greg Frey discusses relationship with Jim Harbaugh, working with Tim Drevno

New Michigan assistant coach Grey Frey discusses his relationship with Jim Harbaugh and expectations working with Tim Drevno on WTKA 1050.

The University of Michigan football program officially announced the addition of former Indiana offensive line coach Greg Frey to the program to aid in the development of the offensive line and the running game.

While it's not his first stop in Ann Arbor, Frey spoke with Sam Webb on WTKA 1050 The Michigan Insider program Friday morning about meeting head coach Jim Harbaugh for the first time. Despite knowing all about the program, he only knew Harbaugh in passing never actually meeting the head coach in person.

"The first time I had a chance to talk to him and meet him was during this process," Frey said on WTKA 1050's The Michigan Insider. "I've been a big fan online just looking up and listening to press conferences and things that he's done with the program. Going to IMG last year, I didn't even know about Rome this year until it was announced. Just watching some of those and seeing his approach towards student-athletes, whether it be when he was at Stanford or here. I've always been a fan but I've never really had a chance to get to know him."

How long did it take Frey to contemplate the move back to Ann Arbor? Not long at all, in fact.

"My process on deciding to take the job and come back was about 18 seconds into the conversation," Frey joked. "He said 'I have a plan,' and I said 'Okay, I'm in.' I know your plans and I've seen them work, so let's go."

Frey is entering the U-M program in a unique situation. He will not be alone in the offensive line room as he will share responsibilities with offensive coordinator Tim Drevno this season. Typically, offensive line coaches are on an island on their own with no one to bounce ideas to. However, for Frey and Drevno, they will enter a working relationship unlike anything they've experienced before.

"No I haven't," Frey said. "Maybe one semester back when I first started in like 1999 or something. But the last number of years I haven't been a part of that, this was really intriguing and drew me to it. A lot of times you sit there, and a lot of offensive line coaches are like that and I don't want to speak for all of them, in my world you wish there was someone there that you could bounce things off of. Like, 'hey man what if we do this? What if we attacked it this way? How did you get this?" Most of the time there's really only one o-line guy and usually the tight end guy is more of a pass catcher. The wide receiver guy, running back guy, quarterback guy and most head coaches in college football are one of those. You're sitting there in a room with you and maybe a [grad assistant.] I'm excited, I'm going to take notes and sit back, I've watched coach Drevno and his offensive lines and what he's done, I'm excited to just learn and be a part of it. If I can contribute something, my awesome.

"My role is to come in and help where I'm asked to help, coach who I have to coach and I'm going to do it the best that I can and help Michigan win."

To listen to the interview in it's entirety, press play below.

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