Mike Massey Update

Mike lets us know about a 'few' changes in his recruitment -- a new offer and a final two!

Michael Massey (6-5 230) has added Michigan back to his list. He filled GBW in on why, as well as indicating where he is in his decision making process.

After falling off of your list a little while back, it seems that Michigan is now back on your radar. What happened to change things?

"Well, they offered me a scholarship."

When did that occur?

"It happened last week sometime. Maybe Wednesday."

How did it transpire?

"Well I gave coach Loeffler a call and during our conversation he gave me coach Carr's number and told me to give him a call. I called coach Carr and got an offer."

Do you have a favorite at this point?

"Not really. I'm trying to decide between Ohio State and Michigan. I really liked Pitt, but I started thinking about it more and more. Now it's down to OSU and Michigan."

Ultimately, what will be the most significant factors in your decision?

"I'm not really sure at this point. I guess it will depend on how comfortable I am at each school. I already know that Michigan is a great football school and so is Ohio State. In academics, Michigan is probably a little better. Ultimately it will come down to where I feel more comfortable and how I fit in the football program and the school."

Has Michigan told you what side of the ball they want you to play on?

"Actually they said that it's up to me where I want to be recruited. They said that their offensive coaches were wanting me over there."

Do you have a preference?

"No I don't."

How big of a factor will Pat already being in Ann Arbor be for you?

"Besides the fact that he provides me the opportunity to get real familiar with Michigan, none. Other than that, I'm trying to look at it as if he weren't there."

Do you have a timetable for making your decision?

"No I don't. We have all Saturday games this year so I won't be able to go see any college games. I don't have any visits set up right now and I think I'm just going to wait until the season is over to take trips. I'll decide after that.

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