Ponta Verde (Fla.) Nease tight end Zach Sheffer visited Ann Arbor last fall.

Ponta Verde (Fla.) Nease tight end Zach Sheffer viewed a game at Michigan Stadium in whiteout conditions last year. While many southerners would have been turned off by the snowy experience, this talented youngster came away with a much different feeling.

Tight end is a priority position for Michigan in the 2018 recruiting cycle and the Wolverines have been casting a wide net with hopes of filling that need. One of the longest standing targets for the Maize & Blue is Ponta Verde (Fla.) Nease standout Zach ShefferMichigan was among the earliest to offer the Sunshine State star, and the interest has mutual ever since. However, the same can be said for many other suitors among the 25 that have offered to this point.

"Right now I don't have a top 10, a top three, or anything like that,” said Sheffer. “I'm visiting the schools that I've yet to visit to get a feel for them. That's pretty much all of it."

Michigan is one of the programs he has already gotten a feel for thanks to the visit he took to Ann Arbor for the Indiana contest last fall.  He wasn’t able to get much of a feel for campus due to the brevity of his trip, but he did get a feel for the gameday environment on a snowy winter day.

He came away extremely impressed.

"I loved the cold and I loved snow,” Sheffer said.  “Me and my family we all go to Colorado every year so I'm used to the snow. It was cool to see a football game in it."


"I didn't get to see much outside of (the game itself), but the thing that stood out the most to me (was) probably the atmosphere."

Sheffer plans to make his way back to the Great Lakes State at some point so he can experience other aspects of the school. He has yet to figure all the places he will visit or when, but he already knows what it’s going to take for one of the programs to emerge victorious.

"Some of the biggest factors for me… obviously, game day atmosphere, which Michigan has a great one,” he said.  “The fan base (is another factor).  What it's going to be like?  Can I picture myself going there for four or five years? I want to get to know the coaches on these visits… see how they coach their players… see if it would be a good fit.  I’ll look at all the facilities just to make sure they take academics as seriously as they do football."

Sheffer will be deliberate when it comes to evaluating the schools on his list, but plans to conclude the process well before signing day.

"I'm early enrolling in college so it'll be a little before that I'm sure," he said.

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