Jamar Adams -- who is visiting Michigan this weekend. Dan attended Adams' game last Friday -- here is his very detailed scouting report. Thanks Dan - great job."> Jamar Adams -- who is visiting Michigan this weekend. Dan attended Adams' game last Friday -- here is his very detailed scouting report. Thanks Dan - great job.">

GBW's Dan Eubanks Scouts Jamar Adams

GBW's 'silent partner' Dan "DdaWolverine" Eubanks lives just an hour from Butler, North Carolina, home town of top Michigan DB recruit <B>Jamar Adams</B> -- who is visiting Michigan this weekend. Dan attended Adams' game last Friday -- here is his very detailed scouting report. Thanks Dan - great job.

From Dan Eubanks:

Vebulon Vance High School vs. Butler High School
FINAL SCORE: Butler 17, Vance 6

Jamar Adams is a well-built 6-2+ and 190+ lbs. He has a good build, fairly muscular for a high school defensive back.

He played in 22 total series, 11 on offense, 11 on defense.

He started on defense at free safety, but played both safety spots extensively (it wasn't uncommon for he and the other safety to switch spots right before the snap of the ball when offense had no motion or audibles called). He didn't start on offense, but came in as a wide receiver on the third play of the first series.

On defense, Adams had eight tackles, two passes broken up, plus:

- one forced fumble (a MONSTER HIT on the Vance wide receiver. Vance was inside Butler's 20 and driving for a score with 40 seconds left in the first half, and Adams LAID THE WOOD on the WR and popped the ball out),

- one quarterback pressure (on a 4th and 1 from Butler's goal line, he forced the quarterback to throw the ball WAY early, which resulted in an incomplete pass).

Defensive strengths: Adams has a good/smooth back pedal, he takes good angles on pursuit/tackles, he has pretty good instincts, he can be a VICIOUS hitter :), he has good form on tackles, he's a solid tackler.
He is a great overall athlete, and seemed to have the ability to play both cornerback and safety. He always seemes to come up with a BIG play when his team needs it.

Defensive weaknesses: he seems to 'drop' too deep at his safety spot sometimes. For instance, Vance was at Butler's 10 yard line, and on the snap Jamar dropped all the way to the end line at the back of the end zone....which left the whole end zone open in front of him.

Grade out of 10 on defense: 8.3

On offense, as a receiver, he made on reception for 12 yards.

He had a total of five passes thrown his way. His one reception was on a seven yard curl route ... he caught the ball, turned and made on move on one DB and had to be brought down by at least two guys. The incompletions were actually more interesting. One screen pass was thrown over his head by at least four feet, and would have gone for at least 15-20 yards. On another pass in which he was doubled from the snap he almost made a spectacular left handed grab. He also got an offensive pass interference call on him on a crappy call, the DB was draped all over him and didn't even turn his head and look for the ball so Jamar just reached around the kid's back and snagged the ball. On the other pass the route appeared to be a fly/corner route, difficult to tell because of the bad throw, Jamar was able to break up what would have been a SURE interception by the defender.

You could definitely see his athletic ability on the bad offensive pass interference call and the ball just off his left finger tips.

I think Jamar is a HUGE decoy on offense for his team alot of the time. It's obvious the other team knows when he is on the field and they know just how good he is because they always have a safety over the top on whichever side he lines up on. He was their punt returner as well but Vance never DARED to kick it even close to him when he was in the game-- they kicked it out of bounds every time ... yet when another kid was back to return it for Butler they kicked it right to him at least 2-3 times.

Grade out of 10 on offense: 6.2 (probably would be much higher if they utilized him more ... kinda hard to do strengths/weaknesses because there was really nothing to see on 'O' involving him)

Jamar showed his speed on an 80 yard touchdown run by a running back teammate. Jamar was lined up at wide receiver on the play (right hand side), his teammate took the toss and took off around the left hand side. Jamar was blocking his man for at least 7-8 seconds, and then released and took off down the field. By this time his teammate was in the open field at about the 35 yard line. His teammate was running down the left sideline and Jamar ran all the way down the right hand side, then veered over to the other sideline and CAUGHT his teammate and was running right beside him when he reached the goal line.


After the game I was able to get down to the field and ask Jamar a couple questions. I also briefly met his family (GREAT mom, GREAT family, GREAT people).

Dan Eubanks (DE): Is your Michigan visit still on for the upcoming weekend?
Jamar: "Yes sir. My mom just got her tickets a couple days ago and we're looking forward to going up to Michigan."

DE: Jamar, do you have a list of favorite schools, in order?
JAMAR: "Michigan, Miami, NC-State, Florida State, and Georgia."

DE: Jamar, what position are you being recruited at?
JAMAR: "Defensive back, safety."

I'd like to thank Jamar, Butler's Coach Newsome, and the whole Butler program/staff for their hospitality and time. HAD A BLAST!!!!!!!

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