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The U-M coaches have been busy since the quiet period ended September 1. Here's the latest from <b>Jaison Williams</b>, <b>Dale Thompson</b>, <b>Thomas Herring</b>, and <b>D.J. Davis</b>. All report having recently been contacted by the U-M staff.

Culver City HS (Culver City, Calif) WR Jaison Williams (6-4, 212 lbs., 4.49 in the 40, 260 bench press, 2.6 GPA, 840 SAT) told GBW Thursday evening, "Coach English called yesterday morning. I won't be visiting Michigan in September. I want to enjoy the full 48 hour visit and making an all-night trip after a game wouldn't allow me to do that." As far as rescheduling? "We talked about me coming sometime in late October or November, maybe for the Illinois game or Purdue, I'm not sure yet. I have an open week during the season but it is the same open week as Michigan. I'm supposed to talk with Coach English again sometime next week to try and set something up," said Williams. "Michigan is still definitely my leader."

Santiago HS (Corona, Calif) TE Dale Thompson (6-4, 250 lbs., 4.7 in the 40, 2.7 GPA, June 7 SAT) told GBW back in August that he had a game on Thursday, September 11, making it possible to visit the weekend of Sept. 13. GBW also spoke with Thompson Thursday evening, "I talked to my coach and he really doesn't want me to make any visits right away. He wants me to concentrate on the first couple games. I may still go to Michigan on Sept. 13 but I'm not sure yet. I talked to Coach English yesterday (Wed.) and we didn't talk about any other dates to visit." Thompson added, "I asked my coach about a visit to Colorado just the other day, and I'll ask him about the Michigan visit soon."

Fremont HS (Los Angeles, CA) DL Thomas Herring (USC Nike Camp stats - 6-6, 290 lbs, 4.8 in the 40, 3.5 GPA, 820 SAT) told GBW earlier he wanted to take a visit to U-M. On Wednesday he said, "Coach English called but I wasn't home. I've been super busy with football and homework so I hope I can call him sometime this weekend and set something up."

When GBW last spoke with Dunbar HS (Fort Worth, TX) DB D.J. Davis (6-0, 188, 4.31, 2.9 GPA, 930 SAT), he told us, "It would be a whole other story if Michigan offered." Wednesday he had this to say, "I talked to Coach Moeller on Monday and he told me they had a scholarship waiting for me and that I would get a letter in the mail with an offer soon. I'm really excited about that. As soon as the letter comes I'll set up a visit."

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