Houston (Tex.) St. Pius X quarterback Grant Gunnell is entrenched on Michigan’s 2019 radar.

Michigan has been to Houston (Tex.) St. Pius X several times in the past year to check in on 2019 quarterback Grant Gunnell. Now the highly-regarded gunslinger is planning to return the favor in a few short months.

Prospects from the 2018 class have seen the attention from college coaches rise exponentially since the 2017 recruiting cycle officially ended three weeks ago.  That news comes as no surprise to longtime recruiting followers.  What might shock the old-timers, however, is the number of prospects from the 2019 class that have seen their recruitments intensify just as much.  One of the many juniors-to-be experiencing such an uptick is Houston (Tex.) St. Pius X quarterback Grant Gunnell. Thanks to his outstanding sophomore campaign the 6-5, 210-pounder has already earned offers from power programs like Florida State, Georgia, LSU, Nebraska, and Texas A&M.

“(The season) went very well,” said Gunnell.  “We went 11-1 and lost in the semifinals. I think I threw for 4500 yards and 65 touchdowns and ran for five touchdowns."

The number of touchdown passes is astonishing, but that he scored five himself might raise a few eyebrows also.  Gunnell is quick to warn those that underestimate his mobility about the error of their ways.

"I can throw, but I'm not unathletic,” he said confidently.  “I can move a little bit in the pocket as well as throw the ball."

He is similar in that way to a signal caller he grew up admiring… five-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady.

“He always stays calm in the pocket,” said Gunnell regarding what he admires most. “He stays patient and keeps his technique through everything."


That affinity for Brady is partially responsible for Gunnell’s interest in Michigan.  The Wolverines have made it clear that the feeling is mutual with multiple visits to his school, but they’re still in the process of evaluating quarterbacks in the 2019 class.  Gunnell hopes to speed their assessment of his game along by getting a little face time with Jim Harbaugh & company.

"They love my film and want me to get up on campus so I can talk with all the coaches,” he said.  “I’m probably going to look into it during the summer. Maybe go to a camp to throw also."

Gunnell insists an offer being extended at that point wouldn’t be considered too late.  He is determined not to keep an open mind about his recruitment and doesn’t plan declare any leaders anytime soon.  That even applies to the program he grew up loving, Arkansas.

“My grandpa played on the national championship team there,” Gunnell explained. "But just because they're a childhood favorite doesn't mean that's the best place for me and my future."

His ultimate destination will be based upon a few factors that he finds much more important.

Said Gunnell, "they are always competing for championships, they have good academics, and solid coaching stability, and I feel like home there."

Stay tuned to The Michigan Insider for more on Gunnell in the weeks and months to come.

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