Beilein: 'Grind Out' Win at Rutgers

Michigan's John Beilein will take U-M's 68-64 "grind out" win against Rutgers, with even bigger hopes down the road.

A win is a win, but in this case, John Beilein will take it.

Especially, if it means winning your second Big Ten road game of the season by defeating Rutgers 68-64 Wednesday night, and becoming one step closer to earning a potential NCAA Tournament berth.

"That was a great win,” Beilein said moments after U-M’s win. “There are some games that you have to grind out and as time goes on, you find out those are some of the best you ever have.”

Adding: “We had enough grit. There was nothing pretty about that one at all. Sometimes those games that could be ugly are beautiful wins. They are beautiful wins for our kids to fight through all that when it could have gone south down four.”

By down four, Beilein was referring to when U-M trailed, 56-52, with 6:46 remaining, then would go on 10-0 run over the next three minutes and eventually hold on for the much needed road victory.

“We did just enough to win the game and we're excited about it,” he said.

Now, Michigan (18-10, 8-7 Big Ten) will take on No. 14 Purdue this Saturday at home, and it might be enough to pad its resume as a NCAA team, says Beilein.

"We just talk about winning the next game,” Beilein said. “There is one game left on the schedule and obviously every road game is important. We've played teams that are tough to beat at home, we haven't had any teams that don't do a great job at home. So today was a great win to get it any way we can."

Video courtesy of Sam Hellman 

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