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Q&A: Petit-Frere Searching for Right Fit

The Michigan Insider conducts a Q&A with 2018 OL Nick Petit-Frere.

Sam Webb: Let’s start out first talking about your season. Tell me how things went for you on the field last season.

Nicholas Petit-Frere: "Well we had a really good season as a team, we grew a lot, got better each and every day and knew we needed to keep working hard every single day. Our goal was for us to get all the way to the state championship, fell a little bit short in the semis but that's the furthest we've gotten in a while. We felt like we had a great group of guys. We had a great group of seniors."

"I learned a lot this season. I was still a little bit raw coming into my junior year even though I played for two years, I was still trying to make sure I learned everything I could. (My coaches) all taught me and my position coach, Coach Chajkowski a lot about the position and a lot about me growing as a football player."

Sam Webb: Now let’s rewind back to sophomore year when your first offer from Michigan came through. Did that come as a surprise or were you expecting it?

Nicholas Petit-Frere: "I was very humbled by that offer. I wasn't expecting anything or that I deserved anything like that but I just got the call telling me I got that offer and I was ecstatic. It's a great offer especially it being my first school, a big program like that in the country so I was just very humbled and gracious to receive that offer."

Sam Webb: Since then things have exploded. Is the recruiting process exciting or overwhelming? How do you feel about the way things are going at this point?

Nicholas Petit-Frere: "It's a great process. I love being recruited.  It's fun, but I try to keep everything separate. School and recruiting are separate and football and recruiting are separate. I try to make sure that during football season I'm focused on the Berkeley Buccaneers and our team. That's my main focus no matter what. I'm getting all of this recruitment, which is great, but during football season or whatever season I'm in, I just focus on my team. I'm humbled to have the opportunity to be recruited like this, but I try to separate the two."

Sam Webb: So when you get into the weeding out process, what are going to be the big factors in separating the favorites from the rest of the pack?

Nicholas Petit-Frere: "Right now I'm not so sure.  I’m just trying to enjoy the process. Just taking in anything that any coach says or any school, anything they tell me about their program, I try to take it all in, make sure I know everything they're trying to tell me. Right now I'm not sure about that. I just want to know at the end of the day I pick the best school for me with the best chance for me to excel as a person overall, football, and as a citizen in society. Things like that."

"Honestly (determining a leaderboard) is too hard for me to think about right now. I'm still in my junior year, not even finished with that yet and it's still so far away. I have all the way until February on signing day and things like that. I have all that time to start thinking about it, sitting down with my mom and my coach to start thinking about what schools are right for me. It's just really far away so I just take all the information I can, I write as many things down as I can, just to make sure I know things about the college and things like that."

Sam Webb: Do you know what you want to major in yet?

Nicholas Petit-Frere: "I haven't figured out what I want to major in but I do have some interest in some fields, like I'm thinking about psychology or political science. But it also seems I might do something with engineering law so I'm kind of broad right now with where I want to go. I'm going to talk to my academic counselors and into my senior year and try to get a path going for that."

Sam Webb: Do you think distance from home will be a factor?

Nicholas Petit-Frere: "No I don't think so. I talked to my mom about this and she as well wants to make sure I just go to the right college, the right University, wherever that may be. She just wants to make sure I'm at a good place, with good choices, and getting a good chance to be the best I can be."

Sam Webb: What do you really know about Michigan? I know you don’t have any favorites currently, but what if anything do you like about Michigan at this point?

Nicholas Petit-Frere: "I know that they are an amazing program. I know that they have a lot of history behind their University. They have a great coach in Coach Harbaugh, who is a special guy. They have great coaches around there and they always try to recruit some of the best players across the nation, so it's just a very solid program with a lot of special characteristics about them."

Sam Webb: When I spoke to Coach Ciao he said there were a couple of places that you were going to try to visit during the spring. Do you have an idea of which places you might hit?

Nicholas Petit-Frere: Michigan was a choice I wanted to go up to. I'm also considering Notre Dame possibly too. A lot of schools have contacted me, trying to get me to come up for a junior day or spring practices, so there's a lot of schools I'm looking at for spring break. That's going to be a good amount of time to do some of the visits I can."

Sam Webb: As you go through the process who are going to be the people that you lean on the most to help you make this decision.

Nicholas Petit-Frere: "My coach has been around this area coaching for 37 years so he knows the ins and outs of all types of recruiting and he has a lot of connections to better my intelligence toward the situation. This is like the first time I've been in a process like this. No one in my family has been through a process like this. He's helping my mom and I out a lot… telling us a lot of information we should consider while picking schools. And everyone that's been through the process before, I try to listen to them as well just to get advice.  Not for choices, but it's good to always get good advice."

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