Williams and Estes Open the Season.

GoBlueWolverine Magazine was on the sidelines as <b>Jaison Williams'</b> Culver City Centaurs went up against the Los Alamitos Griffins and <b>Randy Estes</b> Friday night at Culver City. Things didn't turn out so well for the Centaurs as Los Alamitos lived up to it's number three national ranking in a 49-0 win. I had a chance to speak to both players after the game.

A disappointed Jaison Williams (6-4, 212 lbs., 4.49 in the 40, 260 bench press, 2.6 GPA, 840 SAT) took some time after the game to let us know his thoughts. GBW recently spoke with Williams about his visit schedule where he informed us his planned visit to U-M for the September 13 showdown with Notre Dame has been postponed, possibly until October.

On the game, Williams had this to say, "We knew they were a good team. Of course we're not happy with the result but we can learn from this and get better." As for his play, "I didn't play as well as I know I can."

Now for the scouting report.

Williams is a big kid. Listed at 6-4, 224lbs he certainly fills a uniform. He is fast for his size but was never really able to get on track. The Los Alamitos defense was like a blanket, closely covering Williams and Culver City's other standout wide receiver, Michael Bumpus. They also spent a majority of the night in the Culver City backfield, making it difficult for Centaur junior QB Kris Cueva to get set. It appeared the relentless pressure had an effect on Cueva, when he had some time he hurried his throws. Williams lined up at the wide out position, as well as getting some snaps at tight end. As a team Culver City was held to 25 carries for 59 yards ruching, and five-of-20 passing.

On defense Williams is listed as a linebacker but spent most of the night lined up at the defensive end position. The Los Alamitos offense avoided the big man most of night, running to the other end of the line. He seemed to be his best when he was rushing the passer. He was also back returning kickoffs and had one decent return for about 23 yards. On the down side he looked to be a bit flat. Williams finished the night with 2 carries for 25 yards.

GBW caught up to Randy Estes (6-2, 190 lbs, 2.5 GPA, September test) after the game, and as could be expected The Insiders #1 safety was surrounded by reporters. It's been a while since we talked to Estes so we wanted to get an update on is recruiting and where Michigan stood. "A lot of people have called but I haven't been home so I'm not sure who is calling.. I talked to Ron English a couple times back in May and came by my school. I'm sure he's one that's called but I haven't talked to him." What is his top list at the moment? " I'd have to say USC, Oregon, Michigan, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Texas, I like a lot of schools so I'm going to be taking my time. I'll go whereever I feel is the best place for me." You may think a recruit of Estes' stature would wait until the very end to make his decision, not so fast. "I'll make my decision right at the end of the season. I'll take some visits first but I'm not sure where I'm going to take them yet." Is Michigan on his list? "Yeah, I want to take a visit to Michigan definitely."

Estes scored three touchdowns, including a 31-yard interception return only a few seconds after a 38-yard TD reception. "I felt I played pretty good. Getting a win like this is a big plus for us and we want to keep things going." Estes spent most of the night covering Bumpus, but in one matchup against Williams he layed a nice hit on the big man, exchanging a few barbs after the play.

We'll have photos of these two star players up within the next couple days.

Williams and Culver City match up against St. Barnard and their star QB Rocky Hinds next Friday.

Los Alamitos travels to powerhouse Newhall Hart.

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