Carr Comments on 50-3 Win Over Houston

Michigan Head Coach <b>Lloyd Carr</b> spoke highly of his team after an impressive 50-3 route of the Houston Cougars. The following are some excerpts from the post-game press conference.

Coach Carr started off the presser by recounting some of the difficult off-field issues the program has had to address.

"It's been a difficult week in terms of some of the things we've had happen off the field, of course Bo's son Chip passed away in an accident. Carl Diggs missed this game because of a tragic situation that occured last week in his family.

"Then we had some freak injuries last week in practice. Jermaine Gonzales, in just a simple cone drill...slipped and put his hand down to catch himself and broke the hand.

"I don't know how Pierre Woods played, he caught his finger between a helmet and a facemask and the nail was ripped right off on Wednesday. They had to sew the finger together then sew the nail back on top. He was insistent on playing.

"Then Jason Avant on Wednesday was all by himself and he had a pass thrown to him and he left his feet to catch the ball and he came down with the ball between the ball and his ribs so he was unable to play today."

He went on to praise the defensive staff for their effort today.

"I think our coaches, Jim Herrmann, Steve Morrison, Bill Sheridan, Ron English did a wonderful job preparing for a difficult scheme. I think our kids new where to line up, they knew what to do when the ball snapped. I thought our front played very well. The turnover we caused early in the game was a big turning point for us because our offense was struggling."

Michigan has been plagued the last few years by a less then stellar kicking game. Carr had this to say about this years version to date. "I thought our kicking game was very good again. It's a shame that Breaston had that return for a touchdown called back. With the exception of that penalty I'm very pleased."

On the running game. "Offensively I'm very happy with the way we ran the football, the way our backs ran. I think the key was that upfront and our fullback Kevin Dudley was outstanding. If you're going to run the football off-tackle you have to have a lead blocker who will block the linebacker and get some movement that creates the holes."

On the passing game. "I'm not very pleased with our passing game. We did not seem to be in sync. I don't know that we protected particularly well. We dropped some passes again and I think we had some passes that were not on target. We've got to get ready to go here because next weel we have a great football game ahead of us, one which I think everybody in college football looks forward too."

We'll have more from presser, including the Q&A session, shortly.

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