Want to know what top high school prospects the Michigan coaches are looking at? Want the best information about what coaches and players are thinking? Want to know why certain plays are called and when?

WolverineInsider.com went live on Thursday, Sept. 20 at 7:30 p.m. It was a thrill for the WI staff because we have been working almost around the clock to build the best information source for Michigan fans.

Tom Hemingway, the "Voice of Michigan"on radio for decades, is an important member of our staff. His insights and perspective on the University of Michigan's proud sports heritage will appear regularly.

Chris Pool, the Guru of recruiting in the Midwest, will provide the latest Inside information on who Michigan football coaches are looking at. If you are a Michigan fan, you'll want to read all of Chris' columns.

Steve Clarke of Ann Arbor's WTKA 1050, The Ticket, hosts a sports talk program weekdays from 6 - 10 a.m. Steve will monitor the message boards and answer those important questions Michigan fans might have. "Why did they call a time-out on third and six?" "What's the best Michigan team ever?"

Think you know Michigan history? See if you can stump Steve. Just click on the "Michigan Boards" link on the left column.

And if you are interested other college sports, WolverineInsider.com is a member of TheInsiders.com network, the most complete group of college sports information websites. Just click on "Colleges" on the Network Affiliates button on the top banner.

We hope that you come back to WI.com again and again and tell all your friends. We aim to have fun here, maybe even stir things up a little. We are dedicated to the Michigan sports fan, whether you live here in Ann Arbor or California, Texas or Florida.

As hockey and basketball seasons begin, WI.com will be there to bring you the latest Inside information. We are going to cover other sports too, the ones that don't get the attention but which are just as important. Did you know that the UM Women's Field Hockey team beat the #1 ranked team in the country this season?

We appreciate your interest and your comments. If you have a bone to pick or want to get something off your chest, you can post it on a message board or contact us via e-mail at staff@wolverineinsider.com.

Go Blue!

-C.R. Ward

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