Jamar Adams Fills Us In On Visit

Safety <B>Jamar Adams</B> from Matthews, N.C., Butler just got home from his visit and had just laid down when I rousted him! The question everyone wants to know -- did he commit?

Safety Jamar Adams (Sept. 6 official visit, 2003 U-M Camper, 2001 U-M Camper, V-Tech Nike stats: 6-2 1/2,193 lbs., 4.13 sec. Shuttle, 33.2 inch vertical jump … 4.5 in the 40, 3.0 GPA/940 SAT) from Matthews, N.C., Butler and his mom had just got home -- Jamar was lying down. But his mother was happy to hear from us again, and she rousted him and Jamar was happy to talk.

Are you awake enough to talk about the visit?

"Yes sir. It's time for me to get up. We just walked in a few minutes ago. The visit went very well ... it went real well."

So ... did you commit?

"No sir, not yet."

Tell us a little about the visit.

"I hung out with the coaches quite a bit, and after the game and on Saturday night I got to hang out with players, in their dorm rooms and everything. I talked to all the coaches, including Coach Carr. And last night Coach English and I had a long visit -- he told me about what just where I'm going to be fitting in with the team next year. And the best part -- all the attention and the free food! The food was great! It was all just really something. My mom had a real nice time too, she was impressed."

What happens next for you regarding recruiting? Any other visits set up?

"No sir. I don't have any other visits set up or anything. My mom and I have to sit down and talk about things. We haven't had a chance to do that yet, just getting back and everything."

The tall (looks taller than 6-2 to me), well-built Adams is underrated as TheInsiders.com's #76 Atlantic area prospect, having offers from Miami, Georgia, NCState, North Carolina, and Virginia, among others.

Jamar hung out at the Notre Dame game with U-M commitment Charles Stewart. The two struck up a friendship at the U-M Summer Camp and share, among other things, their strong religious faiths.

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