Pomona LB Eugene Germany

GoBlueWolverine Magazine attended a scrimmage Friday between Pomona High School (Pomona, Calif.) and Dominguez (Compton, Calif). We earlier reported on Pomona DB Keston Cheathem. We were also able to chat with Cheathem's teammate, <b>Eugene Germany</b>, who plays a number of positions for Pomona, and is being recruited primarily as a DE.

Eugene Germany (Oct. 18 official visit, USC Nike stats: 6-3 1/2, 248 lbs…. 4.65 in the 40, 2.3 GPA) is a big guy who is extremely versatile. He plays linebacker, tight end, and wide receiver for Pomona. He's also 260 lbs, which makes for an imposing figure when he lines up as a WR. GBW had a chance to talk to the talented player before his scrimmage with Dominguez.

Have coaches been contacting you?

"Yeah, a couple coaches have called. I talked to Coach Sheridan on Monday (The Insiders reported U-M was the first to call). We talked about how he wanted me to play for him and how he thinks I'm the number one defensive end. He told me I was their number one defensive end on their recruiting board."

Are you still planning on visiting Michigan on October 17?

"Yeah, that's all set up for the homecoming game.. We play a Thursday game then leave for Michigan Friday morning. A lot of other schools want me to visit but Michigan is the only one set up right now."

What are you top schools?

"It's still Michigan and USC as my number one and two. I've liked both of them since I was little, I really don't know why, I just liked them. I want to major in business and they both have good business schools and good academic support progams. They both have good football programs. They're about even. LSU is telling me I could play tight end for them and I like that. That makes them my number three school. I also like Tennesee, Washington, Washington State, and Nebraska. I think it will be between USC and Michigan though."

How did you do in summer school?

"I did good. I passed with two B's in geometry and health science."

What do you want to accomplish this year?

"I want to help my team go all the way and win a championship. We went to the semi's last year so we want to do better."

Did watch any games last weekend (Sept. 6)?

"Yeah, I saw the Michigan game and that was pretty good, they blew them out by a lot. That running back had a good game with over 200 yards. I saw the defensive ends. I think they were pretty good and I think it's a defense I could fit in with. I watched the 'SC game, they have a good defense, it was nice they got a shutout."

When do you think you'll make a decision?

"I'm going to the Army All-Star game. They said I could make my decision on TV so I'll make it then."

It was certainly an amazing site to see this big guy line up at the wide receiver position. It would have been nice too see him actually run a route and even catch a ball, but all he did was block. He did the same when he lined up at the tight end. He is quick and gets good position on the defender. Pomona was clearly outclasses talent wise yet Germany held his own.

Lining up at linebacker Germany showed no fear of the big offensive lineman Domingue threw at him. The only problem is by the time the Dominguez lineman got to Germany, they were usually pushing the entire Pomona defensive line along with them. It was one big mob of bodies moving in motion with the end result being an 6-8 yard gain for the Don's.

Still, the mismatch not-withstanding, Germany showed toughness and attitude. The Domiguez players were constantly picking fights with the Pomona players, and Germany held his own. Another amazing thing about Germany is that as big and strong as he is, it's all natural. This past summer was the first time he had ever lifted weights, which accounted for his weight gain since the spring. When we first reported on Germany he told us he was at 250. He now lists at just over 260 and doesn't seem to have lost a step in the speed and quickness department.

GBW will have game-action photos of Keston Cheathem, Eugene Germany, Randy Estes, and Jaison Williams in the coming days, stay tuned.

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