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Sam Webb goes one-on-one with Michigan's new Director of Player Personnel Sean Magee.

In the second and final part of The Michigan Insider's interview with new Michigan Director of Player Personnel Sean Magee, the Wolverines' new recruiting discusses recruiting the state of Michigan, junior days, his recruiting staff, and more.

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Sam Webb:  Big question around here is who recruits the state of Michigan? We see all the time that relationships in this state means a lot.  Everyone knows Jim Harbaugh, but obviously he has to be everywhere. Who recruits the state of Michigan from Michigan’s staff ?

Sean Magee:  “We have a few coaches that are really canvassing this area.  Coach Greg Mattison who has been phenomenal coach on and off the field, a phenomenal recruiter for a very long time, and significant success in this program of finding talent.  He has deep relationships in this state.  Coach Don Brown, who is doing a phenomenal job in really discovering and attracting talent as well.  So a combination of those two coaches have some sense of responsibilities, but really like I said before, I think it is of utmost importance that the coach of that position where that player is going to play is heavily involved in the process.  So it is a staff effort and especially of keeping the top talent of this state here.  It is a staff effort.”

Sam Webb:  For what you do, you have to have a support staff.  From social media, to execution of contact with a student-athlete… do you have your staff set?  Are you going to be having some support guys to help you out?

Sean Magee:  “Yes.  I’m doing the due diligence of understanding the capabilities and assets that we have here and that is probably going to be continuing to meld into the right shape, but that really is in terms of I come from a background of strong organizational dynamics and that’s certainly…”

Sam Webb:  …I hear that about you (laughter).

Sean Magee:  “I want to have that fully in place here.  We have some phenomenal support staff members.  We have some phenomenal interns that are students at the University of Michigan that are unbelievable driven, unbelievably capable who are just great with helping to organize the mass amount and quality of data information.  That’s really priority #1 for me is to set that organizational chart, establish different layers, who has the responsibility to do what.  That is how I’ve operated in my career and that’s how I intend to do it here too.”

Sam Webb:  Did you have a big social media presence when you had this role at Navy?

Sean Magee:  “A little bit different.  I helped to run our staff account, our overall Navy football account.  It is a little bit different scope there, but I certainly have my own account here.  Obviously, it is a team effort with things that we’re putting out to give folks across the country a more inside look at the inner workings of our program.”

Sam Webb:  You guys do a great job, Aaron Bills does a great job with all the graphics.  Was that something that you guys had started to think about there.  Had you noticed some of the things that they were doing here? 

Sean Magee:  “Without a doubt.  I think anyone in this position or profession, you’re always looking to see what other people are doing.  I’ve seen Aaron Bills’ work for a couple of years and thought, that’s the best guy in the country.  I’m blessed to have him working in an office right by mine.  To be very honest, I assumed that this was a full scale graphic design machine, a whole office churning out these amazing products, but it is a man machine.  He does an amazing job.  That is just one more piece, one more extension that we can show people around the country a glimpse of this program and get them excited about it.  Whatever we can do to inspire an individual to take another look, to take more of a look – we’ll be in great shape.”

Sam Webb:  A lot of programs do with junior days or these days where you have a bunch of guys from a certain class or a certain region?  Are you a subscriber to that, or are you more just in favor of having individuals coming on visits as opposed to a certain themed type of day where you have a bunch of prospects on campus at the same time?

Sean Magee:  “It has been my philosophy always that as opposed to having one set day where this is the day we want everyone to come, when an individual comes here that’s their day.  Make that important.  Make that big because again, if we want you to commit to our program, we want to show our commitment to you too.  Not just in this process but the four and five years.  That sort of level of commitment is mutual.  That’s really in terms of my thought process, as opposed to a wide scale, ‘this is the junior day when we’re going to get everyone on here and get excited about that.’  When you come here that’s junior day.”

Sam Webb:  You only get a certain number of official visits.  There are a lot of schools that really like to focus those official visits during the season, others say after the season is when I want most of the guys to come on campus for visits.  Do you have an idea of how you want that to break down? Give me an idea of what a Sean Magee official visit looks like?  How does that break down? I know you haven’t done one yet here, but what does that entail?

Sean Magee:  “A lot of this is in the early fact finding process of what is the best scenario, what is the best strategy.  First and foremost, the opportunity here at University of Michigan is not just a four year opportunity, it is a 40-year commitment.  It is a 40-year opportunity for the success of that individual and I think that is the key we can say.  When you make the decision to come to the University of Michigan and play for this program for this staff, you’re making a lifetime commitment… for the opportunity not just while you’re here, but the success that follows and everything.  The more that we can highlight what this whole thing is about the better.  The specifics we’ll figure out.  The details, we’ll figure out what works best and what Coach Harbaugh has in mind and what his thoughts and beliefs are.  That will certainly shape our strategy and then we’ll put it into action and be operational and do good things.”

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