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John Beilein says Michigan must be flexible if three-ball is not falling

Michigan head coach John Beilein says the team must be flexible if the three-point shot is not there.

Michigan defeated Oklahoma State on Friday thanks to a onslaught of three-pointers in the second half. Making a tournament record 16 of them in the first round, it's unlike the Wolverines will be able to put up the same type of output again.

While head coach John Beilein thinks that his team can compete in any game if the shot is there, he does wonder if the magic from beyond the arc is going to end. Surely the hot streak will end eventually, right?

"I worry about everything in life," Beilein said about his teams three-point shooting. "That's a bad question for me. 16, I'm not saying we're going to go make 16 again. I'm not thinking that. I'm thinking if we get good shots, let's go and if we can shoot 35 to 45 percent from three, we're going to be in a lot of games."

Oklahoma State, at times, appeared to dare the Wolverines to take the three-point shots and were punished for it. Beilein realizes that not every team will allow the Wolverines to shoot the three without much objection. He says that his team has to go out there and create their shots.

His team has shown time and time again that it can win in so many different ways, now it's time to go out there and prove it again.

"We've got to get those shots too," Beilein said. "People take away your 3s, that is another issue. So then you've got to drive the ball and say we're not doing it. We've got to drive it. They're out and extending. Now we have to drive by people or run different action to get things going to the rim or passing action to the rim. So I think, even though people will think we're this 3-point shooting machine, I think we're really flexible at doing what we need to do to be able to be in position to win a game."

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