Moritz Wagner says combating Louisville's length will be a challenge

Moritz Wagner discusses the challenges he will face combating Louisville's length on the front court.

Moritz Wagner, who didn't have much of an impact in round one of the NCAA Tournament against Oklahoma State, will have his work cut out for him on Sunday as he will have to deal with the Louisville front court who is extremely talented.

For Wagner, when asked what the most challenging thing about facing Louisville would be, he didn't hesitate to mention the length and the ability to crash the glass.

"They're very long," Wagner said. "It seems like they have three 6'10 guys out there and their guards aren't too small either. So they're very long. They use their arms pretty good, so there's not a lot of room that you can see visually. It's a huge shift as an offensive player. They're just very strong, I guess, on the glass. They don't allow a lot of offensive rebounds and they press you all the time. I don't know what their rules are but they press you. You've got to find a way to be connected and do the right move and be patient at the same time."

The Big Ten conference is known to have length and physicality on defense and Wagner has seen plenty of big men this season. When it comes to Louisville, however, Wagner believes the Cardinals are undoubtedly the longest team he has faced this season.

"Thinking about it probably," Wagner said. "Who else did we play? Who else was long? The Big Ten is always long. I would think of Ohio State is a very long team, Trevor Thompson and DeShaun Tate plays like he's 6'11 250 when he's actually 6-something. But, probably [Louisville is the longest team he's faced.]"

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