D.J. Wilson: 'A win like that shuts up the haters'

Michigan forward D.J. Wilson says the Wolverines' victory over Louisville "shuts up the haters."

When Michigan needed clutch points in the most dire way, forward D.J. Wilson was able to answer the call with his clutch free throws down the stretch.

It was a pressure-filled moment as the game hung in the balance, but Wilson was calm and collected and didn't miss a single one. In a moment like that, where the arena eyes are on him as well as thousands more on television, Wilson doesn't feel the pressure.

He's been there and certainly done that.

"I don't feel any really," Wilson said. "Everybody is confident in my ability knocking down free throws down the stretch. I'm confident in myself. So that's really all I need. I think [Friday] when we played Oklahoma State, I think that really helped me. So when I went to the line, I just had to have confidence."

A lot can be said about the turn around of the Wolverines after Illinois' Maverick Morgan called U-M a "traditionally white collar team." The defensive efforts changed, the mindset changed and the players started to believe again.

That belief has led them all the way to the Sweet Sixteen.

"I think a win like that shuts up all the haters or whoever looks down on us," Wilson said. "We play teams like Purdue, Wisconsin, Illinois who think they're blue collar, and then today. A tough, gritty team in Louisville and we came out successful in all those meetings. I think it just shows that we're not white collar, we're far from it."

While three-point shooting was the catalyst in the win over Oklahoma State, U-M's forwards Wilson and Moritz Wagner were the difference makers on Sunday. The two share a close bond as they both embraced one another after the victory over Louisville. For the two of them, the on-court relationship extends beyond basketball.

They feed off each other.

"Me and Mo, we're real close, especially off the court," Wilson said. "We're roommates. So I don't know. We just got, like I keep saying, confidence with one another. I don't know. We kind of -- our play is kind of contagious out on the floor. I feed off his energy. He feeds off mine. Down the stretch, when we pulled out the victory, I was as happy as I could have possibly be, and I seen Mo right there so I just embraced him."

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