IMG '19 RB Noah Cain goes in-depth on his Michigan interest

Bradenton (Fla.) IMG Academy 2019 RB Noah Cain goes in depth on his Michigan offer and more.

NEW ORLEANS – When Michigan calls, you tend to listen, even if you don’t know which Harbaugh you’re talking to on the phone, says four-star 2019 running back Noah Cain, who reflected on his offer from the Wolverines through a phone conversation with U-M's headman. 

“The head coach Jim Harbaugh I got on the phone with him and we were talking and he said you have a full scholarship to the University of Michigan,” Cain said. “I was speechless on the phone, because I thought I was talking to Jay Harbaugh, the running backs coach. Then when I found out I was talking to coach Jim, his voice started sounding familiar, I was like, ‘wow,’ I had to check myself for a minute. It was real good talking to a hall of fame coach like that (from the) NFL and collegiate-wise.”

Cain, who stars at Bradenton (Fla.) IMG Academy, noted his relationship with the younger Harbaugh is off to a positive track, too. 

“He’s real cool,” Cain said of Jay Harbaugh. “Him being coach Harbaugh’s son, I feel like coach (Jim) Harbaugh is going to be involved with the running backs heavily with the passing game and running game, so he’s going to make sure the running backs do well in the offense. So that’s what I like about the son being the running backs coach.”

“I feel like I can see myself being a lead back for their offense,” Cain said. “Cause they run a lot of power and they run a lot of zone, and that fits my style of play. So that’s what I like about Michigan. Also coach Harbaugh is going to do a little play-action and a little spread, but he’s going to keep it basic with power and zone formations, so that’s what I like.”

Next up, Cain says his plan is to “for sure” to come up to Michigan for a visit this spring.

“I just want to get a better feel for the coaches, just meet them because it’s far away from home, that doesn’t play a factor in my recruitment, I just want to get a better feel for them knowing that if I make that decision, those men around will have my back through and just life,” Cain said. “That’s really what I am going to be paying attention to.”

Cain also wanted to make it clear his interest in the Wolverines is legitimate.

"I’ve been having legit interest in Michigan for about the last two years,” Cain said. “Because David Underwood, he played running back there for Michigan a few years ago, he’s been a huge mentor for me. So he’s been talking about Michigan a lot. When I told him the news about the Michigan offer he was stoked and excited. So he’s going to come up with me too for that spring visit.”

Adding: “Him (Underwood) being like family to me, that’s going to play a part of me going to Michigan also cause I know I have that family connection if I make that decision.”

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