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Pep Hamilton 'excited' for wide receiver competition

With no clear-cut starters at receiver, Pep Hamilton is excited to see who emerges at wide receiver this spring.

Interview by Sam Webb

Story by Josh Henschke 

With Michigan losing both outside receivers after last season, the coaching staff has some work to do to fill in the gaps. Luckily for the Wolverines, however, the coaching staff complemented the loss of starters with a strong group of the nations best high school talent in the process.

Combine the new talent with the old depth looking to emerge and make some noise, U-M passing game coordinator Pep Hamilton says his receivers understand what's at stake this season.

“Well, I think that with the addition of some celebrated young players coming in to challenge those guys for their spot, the attention to detail and the level, I don’t want to call it tension in that room (laughter), but these guys know there is only one ball and football has no favorites," Hamilton said. "It is the greatest meritocracy in our society. They all understand that they have to work their tails off to make sure there is a guy on the receiving end of those passes."

While Hamilton says there are no favorites, the playmakers will begin to emerge during spring practice to give them a leg up heading into fall. No matter the experience, everyone is going to have a chance to prove themselves.

Hamilton is excited to see how it plays out.

"It is going to be fun to watch all these guys compete, go out there and play and replace the really good receivers that the Michigan program just lost in this past class," Hamilton said. "They’re working hard and they are asking a lot of questions.  Everybody is sitting in the front row at meetings.  It is like kindergarten where everyone is fighting to get to the front of the line and that’s what you want.”

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