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Chase Winovich impressing coaches during winter conditioning

Michigan defensive lineman Chase Winovich has been impressing during winter conditioning.

Interview by Sam Webb

Story by Josh Henschke

Michigan defensive end Chase Winovich has been a bit of a journeyman during his tenure in Ann Arbor. Bouncing around from position to position, Winovich finally found a home on the defensive line where his unique size and speed allowed him to excel in a rotational role last season.

With a chance to see an increased role this season, Winovich is doing all the right things in winter conditioning to impress his coaches.

“This winter conditioning he has really shown what we hoped we’d see," defensive line coach Greg Mattison said. "He has been a tremendous leader. He competes in every drill.  Coach Harbaugh moved him up against the linebackers to run against them and he gets upset if he doesn’t win those. He’s an unbelievably competitive person. He wants to win and he wants to do something great on every play.  His technique has really improved. He has gotten stronger, but we’re also using a technique to use the strength he does to be effective and I’m very optimistic about what you are going to see with him next year.”

Mattison is well aware of what Winovich is capable of athletically. Originally recruited as a linebacker, there is definite growth in weight that needs to be made in order to go against opposing offensive line maulers on a more consistent basis.

Winovich has made great strides in that department, his position coach says. That's all thanks to Winovich's dedication to play where he's needed and the strength and conditioning program.

“Remember when he came here, he was about 225," Mattison said. "I think he is probably 265, 260 right now and the big thing is that he is so much stronger.  Our guys down in the weight room, our strength coach, Kevin, has done a great job with those kids. We’ve talked about it and the thing you’re going to need…he has the speed, he has tremendous effort. He needs to be strong enough to sit in there to be able to play and he said okay, if that’s what I need to do, I will do it. That’s what he is working on.”

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