Ben Bredeson working on becoming more versatile on the offensive line

Michigan offensive lineman Ben Bredeson is becoming more comfortable at Michigan and is working on his versatility on the line.

Ben Bredeson was thrown into the spotlight early as a true freshman last season.

A physical specimen out of high school, Bredeson certainly earned his playing time early in the season. While he started to see his snaps dwindle towards the tail end of the season, he gained something valuable most collegiate players on the offensive line don't get to experience very often.

He was able to gain experience, meaningful experience.

Something that has prepared him for what's to come this season.

"Definitely a lot more [comfortable in the offense]," Bredeson said. "You learn the tricks of the trade, how things work around the program and what's expected from you. With that background, it just makes things a lot easier. I know what game days are like now, you can kind of correlate that to practice and know what you need to do to be successful on Saturday's in the fall."

Bredeson knows what's at stake this season, every player in the offensive line room understands that there are positions to be won on the depth chart right now. He says that the spring will be dedicated to ensuring that every player understands what's up grabs and to be on the same page.

"We lost three starters and there are spots to fill," Bredeson said. "Everybody knows what's going on and we have time in the spring to go back and review everything, make sure everybody is on the same page."

Like Mason Cole and Greg Frey, Bredeson was non-committal in terms of where his standing is on the offensive line pecking order. However, he did say one thing that resonated during Wednesday night's media availability, and that's using the word 'versatile.' Frey himself said he looks for players to be versatile on the offensive line, to be able to be inserted at any position and perform. Being versatile also helps extend NFL careers as well.

Something Bredeson wants to do by versatile himself.

"Everybody is kind of bouncing around right now," Bredeson said. "I'm taking guard and tackle right now. I'm always working on snapping at center, just trying to be as versatile as possible. I've told you guys before that I personal goal for me is when I'm done here I'll be able to plug in at all five [positions]. I'm always working at center, too, it'll be in my back pocket if I need it."

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