Michigan star recruiter Chris Partridge takes unique approach to recruiting

Michigan linebacker coach Chris Partridge is one of the top recruiters in the country. He shares his unique approach that has allowed him to garner so much success while on the trail.

Michigan linebackers coach Chris Partridge is a workhorse on the recruiting trail. The accolades and accomplishments speak for itself.

It's rare while speaking to a recruit that Partridge's name is not brought up and how well he is liked by said recruit and his family. Recruiting is a difficult process for the coaches and player, it's a grind to say the least. While Partridge is credited for recruiting successes, you won't see him take any credit for those triumphs over opposing schools.

In his words, it takes a village to bring top prospects to Ann Arbor.

"The people around me [makes me a good recruiter]," Partridge said. "It's the people in the building. It takes a village to recruit a top athlete, just like it takes a great program. I'm not ready to take credit for any recruit I recruited personally, it's everyone. I work with great people, there are great kids and people on the team, you know, everyone that the people meet here at the school are tremendous people. It's a great place with great people, everyone should get credit. Those accolades are good and, of course, something to be proud of but to me, it's a team thing and not an individual thing. I think anyone who tells you differently is wrong."

While other programs and coaches are on the road selling their program to recruits, Partridge says he takes a different approach. Which, of course, is likely why he is so successful on the trail.

No matter what level of football he is at, Partridge has always had the same approach when it comes to recruiting. A system, he says, is flawed and broken. Some schools are focused on the glitz and glam, lavish attraction points in the football facilities and things of that nature.

With Patridge, he isn't focused on the glitz and glam U-M can offer recruits -- outside of education, of course -- he is focused on ensuring the recruits are getting what they need from him to make a sound decision about the program.

"When I start meeting and getting to know these players I try to start mentoring them," Partridge said. "I think the recruiting process is kind of broken. All these coaches are selling and trying to sell these kids on the program, they've got all these game rooms and all these flashy things, these great meals, everything is great. Where is the mentorship of being a coach? Where does that come in? That's kind of lost. So I kind of flipped the script a little bit, it's what I did as a high school coach and that's what I do in recruiting is mentor them. Instead of selling all the time, what about mentoring and helping them? These are high school kids that are going through this monster process and they have issues and advice they need to get."

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