Devin Bush Jr. acclimated in second spring practice

Devin Bush Jr. is acclimated to spring practices thanks to enrolling early last season.

Devin Bush Jr. came to Michigan as an early enrollee last season. The first experiences he had at the collegiate level of football was to endure Jim Harbaugh's noted grueling spring camp.

For Bush, getting acclimated to the practices likely helped his cause as he frequently saw playing time as a true freshman in a special teams role. Unlike his other counterparts in the 2017 recruiting class, some are experiencing spring camps for the first time. He says having that leg up compared to his other teammates has helped him this time around. Also, it helps that he plays in a linebacker-friendly defensive scheme that will get him up to speed.

"It helps a lot," Bush Jr. said. "You just expect what [the coaching staff] want out of you, expect what Coach Brown wants from you and just do it. Don't think about it too much... [Brown's defensive schemes] is a lot of fun. The d-line helps to keep guys off us so we can blitz. Fly around and make plays."

What's the biggest thing Bush learned during his first year on campus? The answer is simple, really. Bush learned to get things done. When times were difficult, don't give up and take all things one day at a time.

"Just to get things done," Bush Jr. said. "You are going to have these four-hour practices and there's going to be times where you're tired and don't feel like doing it. Like Coach Harbaugh says one day at time, keep pushing."

With spots open at the linebacker position, Bush has been participating in drills at multiple spots trying to find his fit. While he will likely receive plenty of playing time this season, the coaching staff would like all players to be versatile and have experience everywhere. That way, once the grueling Big Ten season winds down, players can still enter the game with fresh legs due to the rotation of the players.

"It's something new we're trying this year," Bush Jr. said. "Just getting a lot of reps, we're giving a lot of guys a lot of reps just to get great experience. Keep a load off our legs and our bodies... I just like competing, it doesn't matter what spot I play There's a lot of rotation this year," Bush Jr. said. "A lot of guys playing with younger guys, guys playing with older guys."

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