Four-star WR Kamryn Babb Recaps His 'Great' Visit to Michigan

Four-star 2018 WR Kamryn Babb recaps his "great" visit to Michigan and more.

LAKE FOREST, Ill.  -- On Friday, four-star 2018 wide receiver Kamryn Babb made his to Michigan for an unofficial visit and left with a positive outlook towards the Wolverines, he says.

In fact, Babb, who stars at St. Louis (Mo.) Christian Brothers College High, received the full attention from Michigan’s coaching staff and players during his stay.

“It was great,” Babb said. “I saw a lot of things. I heard a lot of great things about Ann Arbor and the coaching staff, and I finally got to see it. It was great. I got to meet (Jim) Harbaugh, talked to the whole coaching staff, and met some of the players. It was a great experience and I can’t wait to get up there again.”

And what was the message from Harbaugh during Babb’s visit?

“He just wanted to get to know me, and I was able to get up there and get to know him as a person,” Babb said of Harbaugh. “You see all these things about him on TV and stuff, actually getting to know him as a person was pretty cool. Just being to see him and what he’s about, seeing the facility and what they have to offer is great.”

There was more to Babb’s visit than just football, as he pointed out he was able to see more of the student life aspect during his trip.

“One of the No. 1 things I wanted to check was their academics, just seeing the side besides football,” Babb said. “Cause obviously they want me as a football player, I just want to see what they have outside of football and what they can provide for me life after football.”

Of course, Babb has taken notice of past Wolverines that will be selected in the upcoming NFL Draft. As he points out, is one of the reasons he looking at U-M with legitimate interest.

“I think they are because it’s a great place, seeing what they are doing with their guys, how they are putting them in the league,” Babb said. “But not also putting them in the league, but what they are doing with them after football. And the life they are providing them after football, and putting them up for success. Just seeing how they treat their teammates, and how they treat their players, it’s just a great vibe. I really enjoyed it, and hopefully I can get back up there soon.”

With Michigan expected to have a small class in 2018, there is chance they would only take one wide receiver. Babb says he’s aware of his importance to U-M in 2018.

“They really didn’t say that or anything, I know I am really high on their board,” Babb said. “I think they really didn’t have to tell me that, just showed me around and give the attention I got while I was there, being great host to me, I can tell I’m really high on their board and enjoyed visiting.”

Upcoming, Babb says he plans to go on a southern tour of schools that incudes: Alabama, LSU, Tennessee and Ole Miss, among others. He also noted he plans to announce his leaders in roughly two months, with Michigan having a good chance to make his final grouping, he says.

“They have pretty good chance so far,” Babb said of Michigan. “Just going around and seeing what other schools have to offer, just get to know people in different places.”

As of right now, Babb plans to announce his decision sometime after his senior season.

On Michigan State spring game visit:

“It’s pretty good, they had a spring game. So that was my second time going up there. Just seeing them and their offense, how they have improved and the news players they’ve got, just talking to coaches and getting a vibe for them as well. But it went pretty good.”

Latest with Ohio State:

“Last time I was up there was when they played Michigan actually So I got to get back up there to as well. But you know just taking my time the process. Just enjoying it, you only get to go through it once.

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