Monday Press Conference: Coach Carr

Michigan Head Coach Lloyd Carr commented Monday afternoon on the Houston game, and on the emergence of some of the young players.

On the Houston game:
"After looking at the film I think there's not a lot of things I can add about that game. I think defensively, I was extremely pleased with the way that we substituted from a defensive standpoint. Our guys did a great job with that part of it. I think offensively I'm disappointed that we, in the passing game, are not where we need to be. The key to our passing game is to have people spaced properly, people in the right position, running good routes, so we've got some work to do there. There are a lot of things that I'm very pleased with. The most disappointing thing in that game was that David Harris suffered a knee injury that will require surgery and David will miss the rest of the season. That's a big loss for our football team, not only the fact that he is a very promising football player but a wonderful young man, so that's a big loss for us. One comment: the penalty called on Pierre Rembert was a good call."

"Obviously we want to catch the football better. We had a couple of problems in the protection area. There were a couple times that we looked left when we should have looked right. There are some things in there that we need to do better and I think we will."

On linebacker Scott McClintock :
"I've seen a kid who has grown up and matured. He's a great athlete. This summer we had a team softball tournament. McClintock was out in centerfield and I could tell that he was tough and smart. I think he's ready to become what we thought he would be when we recruited him."

On fullback Kevin Dudley:
"As a coach, you always love the guys who are willing to do anything to play the role that you ask them to play. Fullback is one of those positions where you are some sort of blocker on every play. It takes a durable and tough-minded guy. What we like about Kevin is his toughness. We felt like there was a role for him on our team. He's really grown up and he's another one of those great kids."

On Prescott Burgess' move to linebacker:
"We had talked, when Prescott first came here, the question was how big is he going to get. A lot of people looked at him in high school, we certainly felt that athletically he was gifted enough to be a safety. Looking at him during our training camp it was very obvious that he is a physical guy. He's a guy that I think will fit in extremely well with the things we are doing. I had talked to him last week about moving to that position and he was very receptive I think it's a move that down the road will be very positive for our program."

On Garrett Rivas:
"You know he was in our camp a year ago and particularly the kicking camps you get a lot of guys competing against each other. I like the way he competed. I liked his attitude. What I really like about him is the same thing that players like about him. He's confident, he's got a great leg and he doesn't worry about the last kick. It's like playing golf. If you worry about the last shot you are going to have a hard time getting the next one. So you have to be able to put bad plays, bad kicks, bad throws and bad calls behind you and go onto the next one. He can do that."

On freshman Jerome Jackson:
"Jerome seized the opportunity in training camp. When he came in here, our every intention was to redshirt him. He was one of those guys who was here all summer. He made almost all the workouts and it is obvious that football is very important to him. He's got a great work ethic and a wonderful attitude. His brother has been through it up at Minnesota. Jerome has also made a very significant contribution on special teams, so we're delighted with him."

Note: We will add in some of Carr's comments on Notre Dame in our Irish Game Preview.

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