Chris Evans lauds Jay Harbaugh's preparation in new role

Chris Evans was blown away by the preparation of his new position coach, Jay Harbaugh.

Sophomore running back Chris Evans emerged last season as a playmaker that showed glimpses of what he is capable of as his career progresses.

Now, he will have to expand on last season with a new position coach.

After former running backs coach Tyrone Wheatley departed for a coaching position in the NFL, Jay Harbaugh took over as Evans' new position coach. While Harbaugh does not have any experience at the running back position compared to his counterpart, Evans says he appreciates the different approach Harbaugh takes to the running back position.

"It's a different perspective," Evans said. "Coach Wheatley had a perspective of a big back and I'm not a big back. So the things like the technique and the things he was teaching me I really couldn't get all the way because I couldn't relate to him. With Coach Jay, he hasn't played running back but he's looking at the outside in so he gives a different perspective."

Without experience at the position also comes with a lack of experience coaching the position for Harbaugh. According to Evans, Harbaugh immediately went to work and is seizing the opportunity to make an impact in his new role. He says that despite not talking to him as much last season, Evans saw the work ethic the younger Harbaugh has.

"No Coach Jay hit the ground running," Evans said. "The first day he had meeting prepares and slide shows ready. I was blown away by how ready he was, but I expected it. Just basically seeing him around Schembechler, I didn't talk to him as much but seeing that really blew me away."

Wheatley's departure from U-M was a transition for everyone. During his time as a true freshman, Evans says he formed a bond with Wheatley that still continues to this day by talking multiple times per week.

"I talk to him a lot," Evans said. "He just tells me his side and we still have long talks and stuff when I call him... [We talk] maybe every other day, I'll send him clips and stuff that I couldn't do last year just to be like, hey coach, I'm getting better."

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