Monday Player Comments

Selected Michigan players commented yesterday afternoon on the status of the Wolverine team, and on this Saturday's Big Game with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.<br><br><br><br><br>

Adam Finley

On if how he deals with the kicking job being up for grabs and how Garrett has done thus far:
“I think that all I can do is make sure I’m ready. I really think that he hit the ball pretty well on Saturday, so hopefully he should have some pretty good momentum coming in for this week. Obviously you’re gonna want to be out there. In terms of me, I just want someone out there that will do the job for us. If he’s really able to go out there and do the kicks, I’m fine with that. That way I can really focus in on punting and hopefully my punting can get a little better.”

On Vontez Duff and Julius Jones as returners:
“I think that they’re great return men. I think I have to focus on getting the ball in the air and letting our gunners come down and making sure they have to fair catch or not get any return yards at all. I think that’s a big key anytime you’re facing a good return game, or a good team for that matter. You really have to focus on getting the ball up in the air and limiting the amount of time they have to break a return on you.”

On Garrett being ready for a big game:
“I think that he has gotten his feet wet, which is good for him. Hopefully some of the jitters and stuff are out of there now. In terms of personality, I’m not sure of what would or wouldn’t make a good kicker for a big game. I think the big key is he’s had some game experience before a big game and hopefully he can take that and roll with it into Saturday.”

Scott McClintok

On when his game started to improve:
“Over the last year. I think after that during spring ball and through summer conditioning I worked real hard. It all culminated when we started 2 a days. I was in my book a lot. I studied real hard and spent more time focusing on football and things kind of fell into place for me.”

On if this game is different from the others:
“They’re all the same. We always focus as much as we can on every team and take it week by week. In terms of talent, I’m sure they have more. All I know is we’re focused on them.”

On Carl Diggs:
“Carl is a good friend of mine. He served as a mentor to me really. Last he broke his leg and this year he’s been having a rough time, but it never breaks his spirit. He’s always in real high spirits that you can feed off of.”

Larry Stevens

On how he feels about the game this week:
“I’m VERY excited! It’s Notre Dame! Everyone knows about Notre Dame. I from Washington, way in the west, and we know about Notre Dame. There are certain schools that you can say the name of and everyone knows whom you’re talking about…like Michigan and Notre Dame. It’s a big game and I can’t wait!”

On Carlyle Holiday
“One thing about Carlyle Holiday is everybody knows he’s athletic, but the guy can flat out make plays. He uses his feet to get into better positions to make better throws. I think he has a great arm and great feet. What we have to do as a d-line is stay focused and don’t try to do way too much. Keep your edge and don’t run around blocks. We don’t want him running wild out there. He’s a pretty fast guy and we don’t want to be chasing him down the field like that.”

On if the defense played to it’s potential Saturday:
“The defense has not played to its potential. I will say again is nobody has seen the great Michigan defense yet.”

On if the defense will have reached its potential if it has a perfect game vs. ND:
There’s no such thing as perfect. There will never be a day, I don’t care what team we blow out, where I’ll be like…’Ok, this is it!’ I might say we’re getting better, but we’re never accepting average. Coach Carr always says ‘Average is unacceptable.’ We’re just going to try to play up to our potential.

David Bass

On the criticism that John taken and if he has something to prove every week:
“That’s something that I think has matured Navarre. He’s a really good person. He’s dealt with a lot of stuff during his career and I think it made him a stronger person. A better player too. I wouldn’t say that he has got something to prove every week. He’s a team player. He wants to do what he has to do to help the team win. I think he kind of blocks it out. He is in his own mindset. He knows what he has to do. I don’t think it bothers him as much as it probably used to.”

On if this week is different:
“Yes. We know that we have to watch extra film. We have to be prepared for everything necessary to come out there and play a good game against this great defensive front. Really, ANY defensive front. But Notre dame is a good team and we have to be ready in every single aspect, run and pass.”

On what he sees in Chris Perry:
“I see a Chris Perry filled with emotion and fire for every single game. I think that’s one of his best qualities. He’s a great back. He wants to win. He wants to go out there and get rushing yards and help this team get to where we want to go at the end of the season. I think Chris Perry is giving of himself and doing every unselfish thing out on that field to help our team win and I respect him completely for that. “

On the offensive line:
“I think chemistry between the players is at an all time high. We work with each other, we know each other, and we know how to pick up on things. There are going to be times where things don’t go our way and certain things may break down. I think that as a line, we come together. We’re constantly helping each other. I have to give credit to our coach, Andy Moeller. He’s one of the most prepared guys I’ve ever seen. Whether it’s extra film or going over plays that we might get sick of by the end of the week, he constantly is there getting us prepared in every single detail of that defense so that when we go out on the field, we’re ready to face anything that they give to us.”

Tony Pape

On how he feels about the game:
“It’s a game that you look forward to because there is great tradition and pride behind both teams. Both teams have great pride in how tough they are. I think it’s a game of who can out tough who.”

On who the toughest linemen is:
David Baas! Tough as nails! He’s a tough guy. On the field, he’s a bully. It’s fun to watch him play. He’s an intense player and he plays every play with emotion and dedication for Michigan and the tradition that it has. He upholds the typical traditional Michigan lineman.”

Lloyd Carr

On Prescott switching positions:
“When Prescott first came here, the question was how big is he going to get. We certainly felt that athletically he was gifted enough to be a safety. In looking at him during our training camp, it was very obvious that he’s a physical guy. He’s a guy that I think will fit in extremely well with the things that we’re doing. I had talked to him last week about moving into that position and he was very receptive. I think it’s a move that down the road is going to be very positive for our program.”

Chris Perry

On how he feels about his name being mentioned in Heisman talk.
“It’s two games into the season. Can anybody name the person they were linking to the Heisman last year two games into the season? It doesn’t mean anything.”

On if he’s getting the number of carries he wants:
“I want to carry it as many times as it takes to win. If I have to carry it ten times and Dave has to carry it eleven times, as long as we’re winning and doing well, it doesn’t matter.”

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